Thursday, 9 June 2016

ZEE TV’s Yeh Vaada Raha to Take a 7 Year Leap

By 121 News

Chandigarh 09th June:- ZEE TV's popular primetime drama Yeh Vaada Raha, explores a unique bond between two young souls, Kartik and Survi who have very little in common. But their lives have seen many interesting twists and turns ever since the show launched last year. The show is now set to take a 7 year leap on 6th June and will introduce some new characters in the plot.

 Recently on the show, Kartik (played by Ankush Arora) and Survi (played by Sonal Vengurlekar) painstakingly managed to eliminate the evil Meher (played by Ankita Sharma) and Ranbir (played by Yash Tonk) from their lives once and for all. However, Taai (played by Rinku Karmarkar) gets their new-born daughter kidnapped and Survi blames Kartik for this major loss. A grief-stricken Survi leaves their home and decides to move to Nasik. But as fate would have it, she finds a child who has been left abandoned in a train.

Survi adopts the child and seven years later, she is seen living in Nasik with her daughter, Khushi. She works in a company  and becomes very good friends with the owner -Jatin Mehta. Jatin lives in Mumbai but visits Nasik often. He is really fond of Khushi but has no romantic inclination towards Survi and is completely unaware of her past. On the other hand, Kartik's entire life revolves around Hema's daughter Riya and Bindu's son Rohit. He still nurses the deep wound of not having a child of his own but doesn't leave any stone unturned in treating these kids like his own.  Taai continues to pretend having lost her memory and manages to stay in the good books of Kartik.

 The popular child actor Harbandana who has already won accolades for her performances on television shows will be seen playing the role of Survi's daughter Khushi. Tamanna Dipak, a finalist of ZEE TV's successful acting talent show India's Best Dramebaaz 2016, will play the role of Riya, Kartik's niece. Talented actor Prasad Barve will play the role of Jatin Mehta, Survi's boss and friend.

While several actors quit a show if they are called upon to play mom and dad following a leap, both Sonal Vengurlekar and Ankush Arora clearly have no qualms about playing parental figures. 

Ankush said that the show's plot demanded a 7 year leap and if the story is following its natural progression, He is only going to play along as an actor. He sees no harm in ageing along with the character. We've worked on lending Kartik a certain maturity and restraint as he is now 7 years older and a father figure to his niece and nephew.

Sonal added that she sees no reason to quit a show just because she is now seen as a mother figure. In the track, she will be seen living with an adopted daughter. This gives her an opportunity to present a different set of facets to her character. She is sure her equation with Khushi will tug at the heartstrings of the audience.