Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Randeep Hooda & Kajal Aggarwal Reach Chandigarh to Promote Movie Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

By 121 News

Chandigarh 08th June:- The starcast of the upcoming Hindi movie Do Lafzon ki Kahani reached Chandigarh to promote the film. The starcast includes Randeep Hooda Hero of the film and Kajal Aggarwal Heroine of the movie.

The story centered on Sooraj (Randeep Hooda) an ex MMA Aggarwal), a sculptor & teacher, who lost her sight in an acci(Mixed Martial Arts)artist, who has broken away from the murky world of debt collection and now lives a quiet life working as a parking attendant. While at work, one night he meets Jenny (Kajal dent. Sensing something warm, sweet and sincere in him she frequently visits him sharing his booth to watch television dramas.

Due to his shady past Sooraj has rendered himself non-communicative but few more nights of such viewing draw the reclusive man out of his shell.

Sooraj slowly starts to open his mind and Jenny also lets him enter her lonely world. During conversation when Jenny asks about Sooraj's past, he relentlessly berates Jenny and their relationship becomes awkward.

Several days later when Jenny's boss follows her home and tries to sexually assault her, Sooraj busts through the door. He beats her boss half dead and asks her to stop working there because from now on he is going to take her responsibility.

Soon they move together and start to live as a couple. Sooraj also buys her a golden retriever puppy to accompany her when he is not around and to lead better life with the new love, he starts MMA fights.

But always the good time ends soon. Sooraj finds out that Jenny might lose her eyesight forever if not operated within a month. He falls into despair. Burdened with the complex feeling mixed with guilt towards her and affection, he leaves her without a trace or any note.

Jenny knows nothing about his sacrifices.  After recovering Jenny tries to find him but she can't get him.