Friday, 24 June 2016

PGI organizes Scleroderma Patient Awareness Programme

By 121 News

Chandigarh 24th June:-  Department of Internal Medicine is celebrating the World Scleroderma Day on the 25th June, this year. This is done every year to spread awareness about the disease. It encourages both doctor patient and patient to patient interaction. Dr Shefali Khanna Sharma, Associate Professor; Department of Internal Medicine is organizing the event and will give a brief overview of the disease. This will be followed by a panel discussion by distinguished doctors and an open interaction with the patients. Patients can clarify their doubts about the disease and its treatment.

Approximately 250 patients are expected to attend the event. Patient information booklets will be distributed to all the patients. This will make the patients aware about the disease and equip them to fight with the disease in a better way.

Rheumatology Clinic at PGI  has one of the largest numbers of scleroderma patients in India. We have 700 patients on follow up. Many investigations are done free of cost for the patients. Systemic sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. This means that the immune system causes damage to some of the body's own cells.

Scleroderma means hard skin. If you have scleroderma, you have areas of hardening of the skin. In one type of scleroderma, called systemic sclerosis, you can also get hardening of some of your internal organs. This prevents them from working normally. There are many possible symptoms and problems that may develop with systemic sclerosis because the extent of the disease can vary greatly from person to person. People with systemic sclerosis should have regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood and urine tests, and lung function, and should report any unexplained symptoms promptly to a doctor. Systemic sclerosis cannot be cured, but there are various treatments which can help. Newer treatments have improved the outlook for this condition.