Friday, 24 June 2016

Gold Medal for PGI Ophthalmologist:Devised New Technique

By 121 News

Chandigarh 24th June:- Dr Jaspreet Sukhija, Associate Professor at Advanced Eye Centre PGI, Chandigarh was honored with the Gold Medal at Eye advance Conference 2016 in Mumbai. He delivered the God Medal lecture and key note address on "Pediatric Cataract Surgery in Buphthalmos". This award is given by the Indian academy of Ophthalmology and intraocular implant and refractive surgery society of India to ophthalmologists who have contributed significantly in their speciality. Dr Jaspreet has done pioneering work in cataract surgery in children with glaucoma. These children have eyes that are much larger than normal.  The entire intraocular lens available in the market are designed for normal or small eyes. So till now there was no way that such children could be rehabilitated with the intraocular lens. Performing surgery in a childs eye is different from doing that in an adult eye. Vision lost in childhood is difficult to restore and so it is extremely important to give them clear vision. Dr Jaspreet has devised a technique whereby standard intraocular lens can be safely implanted in such eyes with long term stability which would give these children hope for vision. His work, the first of its kind has been published in peer reviewed international journals of repute.