Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Revolutionizing Travel Booking: redBus Introduces Whats App Booking in Hindi

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Chandigarh, Sept.06, 2023:- redBus, the world's leading online bus ticketing platform,announces a significant enhancement that allows travelers to book bus tickets seamlessly in Hindi through the redBus chatbot on WhatsApp. redBus earlier launched WhatsApp booking as an industry first feature, the addition of Hindi as a language to the booking chatbot marks a significant stride in the travel industry making redBus a trailblazer. Collaborating with WhatsApp, redBus extends its commitment to providing a seamless travel booking experience for Hindi speaking customers, who constitute more than 40% of Indians. 

Capitalizing on WhatsApp's widespread popularity as a communication channel in India, redBus leverages this platform's broad acceptance to offer a user-friendly bus ticket booking process. This strategic integration represents a paradigm shift in how travelers across the country access and secure their bus tickets. Post launch, 42% of the Whatsapp conversations on the redBus app are taking place in Hindi. 

The newly introduced feature empowers customers to effortlessly reserve their bus tickets by interacting directly with the redBus chatbot on WhatsApp, now available in Hindi. The chatbot streamlines the booking process, offering real-time assistance and personalized recommendations tailored to the user's preferences.

Manoj Agarwala, CBO of redBus, said that at redBus, we serve a diverse spectrum of travelers. By introducing booking in Hindi, we're bridging language barriers and this strategic enhancement resonates deeply with our commitment to make digital bookings more accessible and seamless for every Indian. It's not just about convenience, but about delivering a travel solution that mirrors the aspirations of our diverse population.As we expand our services with WhatsApp, we're effectively shaping the future of travel bookings. This is more than a feature; it's a strategic step towards making bus ticket booking an inclusive, user-friendly experience for everyone. We are excited to witness the transformative impact this will have on travel planning and our continued journey of making travel smoother, from booking to boarding.

Effortless Booking in Hindi: Travelers can now navigate the entire booking process in Hindi, from selecting travel dates and destinations to receiving e-tickets, all seamlessly integrated within WhatsApp.

Instant Confirmation: Customers will receive real-time booking confirmations and e-tickets directly on WhatsApp, eliminating the need for printing physical tickets.

24/7 Support: With round-the-clock customer support via WhatsApp, travelers can experience a smooth and delightful journey.

To access this feature in Hindi, customers need to simply save the redBus contact number, 8904250777, and initiate a chat with a "Hi." The chatbot will then guide them through the entire booking process, ensuring a secure and efficient transaction.

As a pioneering force in the Indian bus ticketing sector, redBus continues to evolve in response to the dynamic needs of travelers. The introduction of the Hindi booking experience on WhatsApp underscores redBus' dedication to providing seamless and convenient travel solutions to its customers nationwide.

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