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Private Schools’ Recognition Issue Resolved: 2 Years Exemption and 25% Discount for the First Floor Allowed

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Chandigarh, Mar.28, 2023: -
The representatives of the private school unions had successful talks with the Haryana government regarding the recognition of the schools. The problem of annual recognition has been resolved. The schools have got two years' relief. Soon the state government will issue a notification on this decision. The Khattar government has made a big announcement to provide a 25% discount on land to schools having two-storey buildings. Also, if a school is not able to fulfill the rules of the land where it is running, it can shift the school according to the old rules (2009) by filling a certain bond with the government. Giving special favour to small schools, CM ML Khattar has talked about providing government land at cheap rates. He also promised to provide financial assistance to these schools.
The government is planning to provide relief on many other points also. This information was given by Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma, National President of the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) and State President of the Federation of Private Schools Welfare Association (FPSWA), during a press conference held in Panchkula.
Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma said that representatives of various education-related unions, including the NISA and FPSWA, called on the Education Minister's residence late on Monday evening regarding the problems of private schools. A meeting was held with Education Minister Kanwarpal Gurjar and Joint Director Anshaj Singh. Later, they apprised CM Manohar Lal Khattar about the 6-point problems of private schools. After a thorough discussion, the CM agreed to resolve several issues.
Dr. Sharma informed the media that representatives of private school unions told CM  Khattar that there are thousands of temporary and approved schools in the state which are not able to fulfill the land norms. In such a situation, the government should allow them to shift in the vacant land. The CM accepted this demand after discussing the technical side of the issue and promised that soon the government will issue a notification in this regard. Dr. Sharma said that this has brought a lot of relief to the recognized private schools.
Federation's deputy head Satbir Patel said that the government has accepted that private school education is in the interest of the National Education Policy 2020. Therefore, the government is preparing a plan to provide HUDA's land to the schools at low rates. This step will encourage better schooling and education.
Dr. Sharma handed over a 6-point charter of demands to the CM, stating that there were thousands of temporary and approved schools in the state which are unable to fulfill the land norms currently. In such a situation, the government should allow them to shift in the vacant land. There are two types of land in the name of all the schools. Primary or middle school classes are running in one of these. In such a situation, approval should be given for classes from 10th to 12th on another land. Recognition of two shifts should also be given to private schools. Government schools of the Haryana Government are already working on a two-shift system.
He added that some time ago, schools with two floors used to get a 25% discount for the first floor. We want the government to provide a 25% discount to the schools which have a first floor. Schools up to class 8, which are unable to meet the space conditions and are running in a room, should be recognized under the RTE Act.
Whether the school is from a village or a city, separate criteria have been made for both areas. The previous government had the same criteria for both places. In today's era, there is not much difference between rural and urban areas. Villages are close to towns. The cost of land in both areas is also equal. So, the standards for the schools should also be equal. The schools which provided their services before the implementation of RTE should be considered as existing schools.
People who attended the meeting with the Education Minister included Satbir Patel, Ramphal, Rammehar, Vijay Tatoli, and Mamchand. The union leaders expressed gratitude towards Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gurjar, Director Joint Anshaj Singh, and other officials for taking the decision in the schools' interest.

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