Monday, 5 July 2021

Here Arrives the First-Ever Female Music Producer of Punjab with Her Debut Venture “Number”

By 121 News

Chandigarh July 5, 2021:- In a world where female foeticide is still a question, some parents feel proud of their daughters, and "Harnaz Virk" is a perfect example of this. Harnaz has been working in the field of music since childhood and got the best out of it.

Harnaz's hard work has lead her to reach a respectable position as a music producer in the Punjabi music industry. This has set a milestone in the industry and also an example of women is no less than men in either field.

During the conference, Harnaz was thankful to her parents as well as every music teacher from whom she learned the music lessons. She added that she is also very thankful to the people who listen to her music and support it with love. Also, she would like to specially thank Bunty Bains who listened to my music, observed it, and gave her a chance to showcase her talent.

Harnaz revealed that she is ready with many of her projects out of which "Number" with Jassi Virk has been released. Also, she revealed the poster of Wazir Singh and will soon update her audience with back-to-back projects.

Interacting with the media Bunty Bains said that the Punjabi music industry has grown too big. Our level is not just restricted to Punjab now, we are reaching worldwide. Introducing female music producers in the Punjabi music industry is a proud moment for us.

Yudhvir Manak added that he feel glad to know an inspiration like Harnaz. Working with her will make him audience proud. We might reveal a project soon.

Jassi Virk too nodded with Yudhvir and shared his experience to be the most memorable. He urged the audience to support the new talent if they want to encourage girls to follow their passion.

Harnaz concluded that she wanted her work to be shared with the maximum audience to encourage every girl to follow her passion by surpassing the hurdles of hesitation and family pressure.

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