Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Doctors at Fortis Hospital Mohali Performs a Challenging Hip Replacement Surgery

By 121 News

Patiala, July 14, 2021:- The Orthopaedics team at Fortis Hospital, Mohali recently performed a hip replacement surgery on a 66-year-old man successfully. The patient had gone a hip replacement procedure before, however, with wear and tear resulted in broken cups and huge bone loss. The team of doctors led by Dr Sandeep Gupta, Senior Consultant, Orthopedics, Fortis Hospital Mohali, urgently performed this difficult and challenging surgery, which took around 3 hours.

Upon investigation, an x-ray revealed that the patient's acetabulum (the socket of the hip bone) broke after fair wear and tear and the head of the joint had gone through the patient's bone, severely damaging his pelvic bone. The socket fits in the pelvic bone, and in this case, it was a plastic socket which had become thin with wear and tear.

The patient, Colonel Satwant Singh had reached out to several hospitals before approaching Fortis Hospital Mohali and he was told that post surgery, he would have to lead a sedentary lifestyle with limited physical movements. However, with good rehabilitation by Fortis, the patient was walking with single crutch within six weeks and was able to get back to his regular activities within 100 days. After the fifth day of the surgery, he was mobilized with a walker and was discharged.

Dr Sandeep Gupta, Senior Consultant, Orthopedics, Fortis Hospital Mohali, said that cases like this require very meticulous surgery for a successful outcome and the procedure requires the doctors to select the right modern implants. At Fortis Hospital Mohali we have a dedicated hip replacement team, and we are the first hospital in the region to have a hip replacement unit. Our team has been following up with the patient regularly and as of today, he is able to walk, and climb stairs without any support. Post-surgery the doctors ensured that the patient underwent regular physiotherapy which speeded up the recovery process. He applauds the team of doctors for their continued commitment towards clinical expertise and patient care.

Explaining the complexity of surgery, Dr. Gupta said that in this particular case Cup Cage Construct was required because of massive bone loss on pelvic bone side. We had to use a bigger cup protected by a cage and third cup was also put.

Meanwhile, patient, Col. Satwant Singh while giving details said that he consulted a lot of senior orthopaedics surgeons here and in Delhi and they were all of the opinion that considering his age and bone condition, the best case scenario was that he would be able to carry on with a sedentary lifestyle and was specifically told that Golfing was out of question. Today he is back to his normal life, playing golf and all credits go to the team led by Dr Sandeep Gupta.


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