Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Tisva Launches Decorative Summer Collection of Bespoke Luminaires

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Chandigarh June 09, 2021:-Tisva's new decorative collection of modern luminaires is handcrafted to perfection with contemporary and modern sensibilities. Tisva, the luxury lighting brand from the house of Usha, announced the launch of the new Summer Decorative Collection, consisting of elegant pendants with focused accents, as well as harmoniously designed wall lights and table lamps. These luminaires are available in a unique combination of metallic hues in brass, copper, and wine, perfectly suited for today's new-age consumer.


Baliza SP1409N & WP14009N: The stunning Baliza takes inspiration from the mighty lighthouses that guide ships on stormy nights, standing as beautiful and elegant monoliths by day. Its focused light accentuates the ambience and can also be dimmed to match one's mood. The pendant and wall light both support LED and Halogen lamps for superior illumination, and make for easy interchangeability of lamps.


Tonizo SP53509 & WP13509: The brass and black Tonizo is a great addition to your home's most prized possessions. The pendant and wall light are both elegantly designed. He Tonizo puts the spotlight your spaces in the most complimentary manner as it magical quality of illuminating draw attention to focal areas and objects to accentuate the décor.

Ohnisko WP14011 & WP140169: The Ohnisko family of lamps represent a kindling fire, and are specifically designed to infuse comfort and warmth in the room. The Ohnisko stands out due to its uniquely designed lamp shade, which casts scintillating patterns across any space, creating a warm and welcoming ambience. The lamps allow for dimmability to create an ambience to go with the mood.

Gracios TL140G21: Gracios, gracious in Spanish, is aptly named given its soft curves and gentle light. This table lamp in black and wine adds unparalleled elegance to one's décor with its sublime look. its unique pattern upon illumination  instantly elevates the space evoking subliminal awe. The Gracios lamp is the perfect addition to one's living room, den, or even the home-office.

Felie SP14016: The Felie is a humble masterpiece that almost commands one to pause and appreciate its beauty, amid our busy lives. This brass pendant is something special, and would be a perfect fit in all Indian homes irrespective of the overall décor. Contemporary in design, the Felie also offers dimmability settings that you prefer.


Gaisma TL1401G & TL1402G: The Gaisma lamp is available in two unique colour combination – red copper & white, or brass & black – taking inspiration from the play of light and shadow. Its ingenious design employs simple mechanics to create breath-taking patterns across your space. The lamp itself offers both, an energy-efficient LED lighting solution and an ambience setting Halogen lighting option.

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