Thursday, 10 June 2021

SONY SAB TV: Wagle Ki Duniya| Will Vandana's Blind Trust on Internet Findings Create a Problem in The Wagle Family

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Chandigarh June 10, 2021:-Sony SAB's Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey continues to engage its audience and keep them glued to the show with exciting twists and turns to envelop the day-to-day life stories. The upcoming episodes highlight the common mistake one makes by blindly trusting everything we read on the internet without seeking an expert opinion. 

The viewers will witness a comical series of events that leaves the Wagle family in a fix. Vandana is suffering from a headache. As a practice, she tries to seek a cure for health ailments on the internet. While searching the web, she finds out that one of the causes of her headache can be a brain tumour. Shocked and scared by this sudden revelation, she further learns that her time in this world is numbered, and she may soon die. A devastated Vandana decides to impart her knowledge and share her secrets with her kids before her time ends and with a heavy heart, starts to pen down her emotions and lessons for her kids in a letter.  

Pariva Pranati, essaying the role of Vandana Wagle said that in today's time whenever we have a doubt the first thing, we do is to go to the internet and sometimes the result we get is apt and sometimes a little vague. But still, we never stop using the world of web though we know the answers at times are incorrect. In the upcoming episode, her character Vandana would be seen trusting the internet so much that she would convince herself that she is going to die. This episode highlights the general mistake we make by looking for health concerns and solutions on the web. She feels there is a great takeaway from this episode, and she is sure our viewers will learn something while laughing at the hilarious turn of events.

Sumeet Raghavan, essaying the role of Rajesh Wagle said that the upcoming episode is an eye-opener with a funny twist. He feels this storyline is addressing a common behaviour. After all, we all go to the internet for something or the other, but he guess this story throws light about certain things we should refrain from trusting the internet. It will be exciting for our viewer to witness how Rajesh tackles her wife's blind faith on the internet.

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