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Sangrur Renowned Mansahia Family Alleged Aam Aadmi Party Leader of Abduction, forgery, cheating, SC Scholarship Scam and Death Threats

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Chandigarh June 24, 2021:-Renowned Mansahia family Patron/Settler cum Founder of Bhai Gurdas Educational Trust and Bhai Gurdas Technical Educational Trust known as Bhai Gurdas Group of Institutions - BGIMT Sangrur, alleged the direct involvement of famous AAP leader of Sangrur in criminal activities like abduction, forgery, cheating, SC Scholarship Scam, etc. This AAP leader famously known as Minku Jawandha alias Guninderjit Singh is the Punjab State Joint Secretary Trade Wing of AAP.
While giving more detail about this, Nimrat Kaur Mansahia wife of Preetinder Singh Mansahia and their 16 years old son Jaskaran Singh said that Preetinder Singh is a medical case of ''Borderline line Intellectual Functioning'' with an IQ level of 71 hence it is difficult for him to make correct judgments in difficult situations without his family and he is also of gullible nature due to his mental health ability. A well known AAP leader of Sangrur Minku Jawandha alias Guninderjit Singh s/o Hakam Singh resident of Sangrur knew about this gullible/simpleton nature of Preetinder Singh, for his wrongful gains he lured him with a deceitful intent and managed to convince him and made him come to his residence in Punia Colony, Sangrur on 23.08.2020, thereafter, Preetinder Singh got abducted and came in his custody. He remained in his custody for about four months. On 16.12.2020 Preetinder Singh stated that by chance he managed to escape from the custody of Minku Jawandha as his armed men who remained on guard with Preetinder Singh 24x7 got entangled in a case and were on run when they had shot someone in Sangrur with their gun. During these four months, life of all Nimrat Kaur Mansahia, minor Jaskaran Singh, Preetinder Singh Mansahia and one relative Manbir Singh Pandher @ Poppy who was helping their family was made hell by Minku Jawandha. Preetinder Singh has stated that he was always kept under high doses of drug abuse and in the intoxicated state he was taken to various places, offices, police stations, district court Sangrur, tehsil etc.
    She further said that in the past Minku Jawandha and his family had forged the signatures of Preetinder Singh on many resolutions of the said trusts, agreement of Indian Oil, bank accounts etc. Preetinder Singh said that while he was in the illegal custody of Minku Jawandha, he was forced to badmouth and threaten his family, cousin Manbir Singh and people who worked for his family, in due course the armed men of Minku Jawandha video-graphed, took photos and recorded him on phone calls. His photos were also taken by making him hold a gun and during the time when Preetinder Singh would sign some papers. He was kept in a secluded room in the campus of Bhai Gurdas Trust Sangrur for some time and in a room at Chef Hotel Sangrur and in various other rented locations under watch 24x7 by the armed men of Minku Jawandha. Preetinder Singh further stated that Minku Jawandha and his associates namely Kadar Khan and others took his signatures on many blank and written documents and he was never given any information about the same. Preetinder Singh said that over the period of time Guninderjit Singh gathered many people under one umbrella including two parental side cousins namely Ajitinder Singh Mansahia alias Bunny and Pevel Mansahia who also served Preetinder Singh opium and alcohol and then put stress on him to leave his wife and minor son for their vested interests and brainwashed him to stay away from his family. He was also taken to the mental hospital in Amritsar from the residence of Minku Jawandha on his instructions during this period of four months to make changes in his medical records. He said that he was taken there by the driver of Minku Jawandha namely Balwinder Singh accompanied by Kashmir Singh, Rajwant Singh (Bittu) and his son. Minku Jawandha and all his men always kept saying that if he returns to his family then his family would send him to the mental hospital where he will be given electric shocks and in process he can die. Preetinder Singh stated that Minku Jawandha also threatened him that if he returns to his family then he will get him and his family killed and will save his men as the police is in his pocket.   
They approached distt. Administrative and police officials, but all in vain. Sangrur police played hand-in-glove to save the AAP leader. Nimrat Kaur stated that when she became aware that her husband was in the unlawful custody of Minku Jawandha then she had also moved an abduction complaint against him. The abduction complaint reached the desk of Sangrur Police on 16.09.2020 and surprisingly Preetinder Singh was produced before the SDM / Naib Tehsildar Sangrur early morning on 17.09.2020 by the men of Minku Jawandha. Preetinder Singh stated that he was forced to make and sign a false statement on as instructed by Minku Jawandha. Preetinder Singh said that his statement got recorded in the late afternoon and all this time he remained guarded by the men of Minku Jawandha and police had also reached there and after the statement before the Naib Tehsildar he was taken straight back in the custody of Minku Jawandha by his men who took to a room is Sangrur. Nimrat Kaur said that Minku Jawandha even went to an extent that in order to plan a foolproof  murder of her family/any member he did not hesitate to play a fraud in the Punjab and Haryana High Court and got filed a forged writ petition in the name of Preetinder Singh Mansahia. More shockingly, he enclosed two self created police complaints dated 12.08.2020 and 16.08.2020 which are not even there in the police records, the police has confirmed in writing through RTI about these complaints not being in their record.
She said that apart from this the main topic of concern as priority is death threat to our minor Son Jaskaran Singh Mansahia, herself Nimrat Kaur Mansahia, her husband Preetinder Singh Mansahia and relative Manbir Singh Pandher alias Poppy. In this regard and the abduction matter they have sent their complaint to the CM- Punjab through email. They want immediate action on their complaint against Minku Jawandha and administrative and police officials who helped him in this crime.
      While the press conference is going on Minku Jawandha shared a video with media that the said family who is holding press conference have no relationship with the trust. He is chairman of the trust. He never abduct, threat and cheat to anybody. They are making baseless false allegations. 

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