Saturday, 12 June 2021

Awareness progrmme on Covid-19 organized

By 121 News
Chandigarh June 12, 2021:-An awareness  programme on Cornavirus popularly known  as Covid-19 was organized by  a group meeting of intellectuals at Community Centre, Sector 40A Chandigarh where about  thirty  persons participated in the programme. 
Dr Pyara Lal Garg, Registrar, Baba Farid University of Medical Sciences, Faridkot enlightened the audience regarding Covid-19, its origin, preventive measures, government's and people's role in preventing this virus.
He  said earlier too several kind of virus like Zika, Saras etc happened world over and  people challenged these virus with  indomitable spirit  and won over. The Covid-19 virus was first traced in  Wuhan in China where the Chinese government has  controlled it through scientific methods. In  India, this  virus has not come  for the first time., though it spread its wings after  about a hundred year, but in India, we have adopted the methods of  thali, tali, and  lighting the lamps which were  proved to be all  altogether unscientific which resulted into deaths of more than  4,00,000. At the time of its start, there was absolutely no knowledge of this virus.  But with time, more thrust has been focused to test, trace and treat and finally oxygen which is life long has been found to be the effective method to check this virus. Besides, vaccination has been proved to be best which Dr  Garg said that everyone should get the vaccination,
Covid-19 infects the lungs and if preventive measures are not taken in the early stage, then it becomes vital for the life.   There is an imperative need to conduct tests to find out the virus.  
The virus has created a panic in the minds of the masses.  He said that due to  Cvoid-19 virus, a person is not afraid, but  the virus  has caused  panic and fear in the minds of the people  from inter-relations of the humanity.  He has also said that to prevent this pandemic there is a difference between the isolation and quarantine.
Since there are no specific medicines for this virus, he has suggested the social distancing at least two meters, wearing masks to cover upto neck, maintenance of cleanliness including frequently washing hands.
S.K. Khosla, Secretary Welfare Association MIG-I Houses, Sector 40C, Chandigrh  conducted the proceedings of the programme and  Ms Gurbax  Rawat, Area Councillor of Sector 39 and 40  proposed a vote of thanks  to  Dr Garg as well as  the audience.

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