Thursday, 27 May 2021

No Steps Taken by the Stop Black Marketing in the Second Wave of Corona and to Curb the Loot of Private Hospitals: Kumari Selja

By 121 News

Chandigarh May 27, 2021:-Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, Kumari Selja has raised questions on the announcements made by the Haryana government in the last one-and-a-half months during the second wave of Corona virus. She said that the announcements made by the government have proved to be just pretense. Most of these schemes have not started on the ground level due to which the situation in the state continued to deteriorate.

                Kumari Selja said that the most important toll of Testing, Tracing and Vaccination in beating the Corona epidemic is not being given momentum by the Haryana government whereas in the last one month, the havoc of Corona has reached the streets of villages through the cities. A month ago, the Haryana Government had ordered 40 lakh covishield and 26 lakh cowaxin for the vaccination campaign. Out of 66 lakh vaccines, Haryana has received only 10 lakh. The vaccination campaign in Haryana is going on at a very slow pace whereas it has been stopped at many places due to shortage of vaccine.

                Kumari Selja said that there are a total of 6848 villages in the state, but only 1310 isolation centers have been created by the Haryana government, in which only 18,270 beds were arranged which does not even have sufficient resources for corona patients. Neither these centers have oxygen, nor medicines, doctors and other resources, she added.

                Kumari Selja said that the announcements made by Haryana Government such as door to door delivery of ration, check-up of home quarantine patients by doctors every second day, curbing black marketing, providing health kits to patients in home isolation, health check-up of all in villages within 10 days, opening of Covid Care Centers in all villages of the state have proved to be hollow. If the situation worsens again in the state due to Corona epidemic, the situation can be terrible. She said that the situation has become that after being found corona positive, patients are not being informed for weeks. The government has exercised extreme negligence regarding Corona and it has no blueprint to deal with this epidemic.

                Kumari Selja said that no steps were taken by the government to stop black marketing in the second wave of Corona and to curb the loot of private hospitals. People lost their lives due to lack of oxygen in the entire state. After the corona epidemic, now people are not getting injections of the dreaded disease of black fungus which is spreading fast in the state. They are being fiercely black marketed. It seems that the government has left the state on its own fate, the brunt of which the people of Haryana are suffering today.

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