Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Chhavi Pandey to be Seen in a Bold and Fierce Avatar

By 121 News

Chandigarh May 19, 2021:-Not many actors get a chance to show their versatility within a single show.  But, it is learned that Chhavi Pandey of Dangal TV's Prem Bandhan has now received this opportunity. As per the current storyline, Chhavi's character - Janki is no more. The show has also taken a leap introducing her in a bold new avatar. Janki was seen as a typical bahu, sweet, simple, humble and sanskaari. In her new avatar as Jaya, Chhaviwill be seen as a business tycoon - strong, bold, and ambitious who is ready to take over the industry and destroy the Shashtrifamily. 

Talking about her new fierce look wherein Chhavi is seen in some very fashionable sarees she said that she is honestly loving her new look. It is a refreshing change from the Bahu avatar she was in all this while. The personality of her new character Jaya is very strong and the look perfectly conveys that. She is getting to wear really pretty sarees and some beautiful jewellery. It's like a long break from the regular crying and she is very excited to see how the audience likes  her new look and the major twists in the story.

She also added that she feels the way a character dress portrays its traits and the look of a character helps tell the story to the audience. It also helps actors get into the skin of a particular character.  She believes the outfits she wears should look completely normal and natural as the more natural she look in the costume, the easier it will be for her to sink into her character.

With Chhavi's transformation from Janki to Jaya, let's wait and watch what Prem Bandhan has in store for its audience.

Prem Bandhan is a story about an independent girl who has the responsibility of her family on her shoulders and how she meets a cross road and ends up marrying a businessman with a mysterious past. Watch Prem Bandhanfrom Monday to Saturday at 10pm only on Dangal TV.

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