Wednesday, 26 May 2021

All Contractual Karamchari Sangh Writes to Governor and Advisor Demands Similar Work Similar pay for Outsourcing Workers

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Chandigarh,  May 26, 2021:- Recently, the Municipal Corporation of UT Chandigarh has proposed Regularisation policy for the contractual employees and has sent for approval from Chandigarh administration. All Contractual Karamchari Sangh writes to  Governor and Advisor ...calls for safeguarding jobs of contractual employees by Regularisation Policy and Outsourcing Workers with Similar Work Similar pay.
    Ashok Kumar, President said that in double standards, the administration has however failed to make any provision for the job security of the contractual employees already serving in the department on a contractual basis by means of any policy on central guidelines on the basis of Supreme Court Judgement in the case of Uma Devi as One time Measure and neither administration adopted the Regularisation policy of Punjab.
         Parveen Kumar, General Secretary said that this double standard move is an injustice with the contractual employees who served in the various departments of Chandigarh without worrying for their personal well being and safety  and  they are for working Chandigarh Administration with dedication & sincerity in absence of any policy.
    Bipin Sher Singh, Chairman, All Contractual Karamchari Sangh, UT, Chandigarh said, "For the last twenty years, there has been no central regularization policy made for the employees working in various departments on contract in Chandigarh, nor has any policy of Punjab that safeguards employees' been adopted for contract employment. The bureaucracy of the Chandigarh Administration exploited the contract workers for years.
       Tarandeep Singh Grewal , Member advisory committee said  that Chandigarh administration took full advantage by not making any policy in favour of the workers. Due to this reason, the Contract and Outsourcing workers and their families are facing the brunt of negligence."
   The All Contractual Karamchari  Sangh, UT, Chandigarh has sent a letter in this regard to Governor, Advisor Chandigarh and made them aware of the apathy towards Contractual Employees and Outsourcing Workers, who have been working for years in various departments of Chandigarh having no job security.
In the letter, the Karamchari Sangh has demanded security of the jobs of Contractual employees by means of regularisation policy on the basis of Uma Devi case.
The Sangh also demanded  Similar pay for Similar Work for Outsourcing Workers as per Labour Laws instead of D.C rates. 
The All Contractual Employees sangh  is struggling since long seeking the security of jobs of the Contract Employees and Outsourcing Workers in UT, Chandigarh.

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