Friday, 20 November 2020

Online Kala Mahotsav: Artistes from J&K and Haryana, Entertained the Audience with Their Colourful Performances

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Chandigarh Nov. 20, 2020:- The second week of second Online Kala Mahotsav - 'Nayi Ummeed Nayi Pehel' organised by North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala, (Ministry of Culture, Govt of India), started on Sunday. On Day-6 on Friday, artistes from Kupwara, J&K and Hansi, Haryana, entertained the audience with their colourful performances.

Satbir Singh and his group of Jogis from Hansi, Hisar, Haryana, sang Lok Gatha in folk style. The ten-member squad played sarangi and khangri while singing songs on Brahma Gyan (spirituality) and jogiya raag on history and valour of Rajput Kings like Ratan Singh, Gora Badal, Raja Sultan etc.

The group travels to different cities and is supported by NZCC.

Mohammad Mushtaq Mir and Group from Kupwara, presented a Chakri recital. Based on the poetry written by Aashiq Hamid and Wahab Khar, the lead singer called as Chakri, sang the composition, while others follow him in chorus. Chakri is one of the most popular types of traditional music played in Jammu & Kashmir. Chakri is a responsorial song form with instrumental parts, and is played with instruments like the harmonium, the rubab, the sarangi, the nout, the geger, the tumbaknari and the chimta.

Director NZCC Prof Saubhagya Vardhan addressed the audience and the performers and expressed his gratitude.

About 3000 artistes from the region and other parts of the country, including 750 from Kashmir, are participating in the event. 

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