Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Abhishek Nigam to be the Lead of Sony SAB’s Upcoming Show ‘Hero- Gayab Mode On’

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Chandigarh Nov. 03, 2020:- Hero - Gayab Mode On is all set to launch soon on Sony SAB, this highly anticipated sci-fi show will see the dashing young Abhishek Nigam in the lead. Abhishek Nigam has been roped in to play the lead role as Veer aka Hero. The show will present an incredible journey of a common man and his intense quest to find his missing father and clear all misconceptions and allegations on him in the society. The journey, at each step, gets increasingly fascinating as 'Hero' first chances upon the miraculous power of invisibility through a ring, which also happens to be sighted by evil aliens. While the ring has the powers to corrupt him to become the biggest villain himself, his virtues and the goodness in his heart inspire the 'hero' within him and with invisibility as his new superpower, he dares to do the impossible.

Talking about his role, Abhishek Nigam said that this role is a little challenging as the character has got two very different layers to it. As Veer, he is a very caring and a responsible family guy. Circumstances have led him to be a father figure for his sisters, who he loves dearly. However, when he becomes a superhero, his personality takes a complete turn. Hero is a little notorious and has a good sense of humour. The one thing common in both Veer and Hero is that both of them share the same heart, always thinking of people's good.

He added that he is so happy he got this show and is extremely excited for it to go on air. Something that excites him the most is that the character has the superpower of being invisible. People are going to really enjoy that element. He himself always wanted to have the power of invisibility so he could spend a day observing some great innovators and industrialists of our time.

Abhishek talks about his preparations for the role as he said that he has been training in acrobats and gymnastics as the role requires him to perform a lot of stunts. He is also working on his body, to get it in shape as he has been enjoying 'Chhole Bhature' and a lot of other delicious food during the lockdown (laughs). He gets up at 4:30, train, and goes to shoot, come back and work out. He wants to do justice to this character with his acting as well as his physical appearance and is fully committed to it.

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