Sunday, 20 September 2020

Thousands of Youth from Punjab Youth Congress  join 'Kisan Rosh Tractor Rally'

-Modi Must stop exploiting poor farmers', We are not going to bow down at any cost, Interest of the  Farmers is the utmost priority of Congress,  says Brinder Dhillon

-Modi Government is turning deaf ear to the farmers' pain  just to satisfy their personal ego, Congress stands with farmers: Sunil Jhakhar 

-Huge difference between what the Modi Government says and does: Shrinivas 

Chandigarh Sept.20, 2020:-  The Punjab Youth Congress President, Brinder Singh Dhillon today staged a massive protest against the anti farmers bill passed by Narendra Modi-led SAD-BJP government to ruin the farmers of country. This massive  'Kisan Rosh Tractor Rally' held here today starting from Dera Bassi and was supposed to move towards  Delhi, but the Haryana Police while using their power forcefully stopped the agitators at the  Punjab-Haryana border.  
        Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Sunil Jakhar, Youth Congress National President, V.  Srinivas, Youth Congress national in-charge, Krishna Allavaru and thousands of national and state representatives of Youth Congress joined the protest.
          On this occasion, Punjab Youth Congress President, Brinder Dhillon said that the Modi government is strangling farmers across the country, including Punjab, by bringing anti-farmer bills which are not acceptable to us, therefore Congress is standing shoulder-to-shoulder to fight for the rights of farmers. 
         He said that in view of the agitations by the farmers over these anti-farmer Farm bill, the central government should withdraw them immediately as it has bluntly destroyed the farmers of Punjab. He said that history has proved that  Punjabi's have never shown back to the truth and once again they will leave no stone unturned to ensure that these anti-farmer bills brought by the  Modi government are repealed.  
He said that holding such a mass rally is just the beginning and if the Modi government still ignores the sentiments of the people and continues to implement its dictatorial decisions, then in near future,  Congress party will not hesitate from holding such agitation in Delhi.
             Reacting sharply on the ill treatment of Modi govt. to the farmers, Punjab Congress President,  Sunil Jakhar said that power drunk Modi is persecuting all classes including farmers with his murderous intentions and just to achieve his vested interests. He said that along with Modi,  Badal family was equally involved in drafting anti-people policies and people of Punjab are now raising questions on their intentions.
He said that Mr. Badal had earlier said that this bill is beneficial for the farmers, but now he has changed his mind seeing the displeasure shown by farmers. He said that the people of Punjab have now seen the real faces of Badal's and have also understood their malafide intentions as a result of which Badals have now completely lost the trust of the people in Punjab. While giving a stern warning to the Modi-led Government, that if they will no withdraw the anti-farmers bill, Jakhar said that the Punjab Congress would go to Delhi and sit on the dharna to ensure that farmers do not suffer because of the dictatorial policies being imposed by the Modi government. 
        National President of Youth Congress, Mr.  V.  Srinivas also said that so far all these so called farmers' interest policies of  Modi government's are no less than mass genocide of farmers of Punjab. Earlier, Modi had imposed all decisions including GST and demonstration on the people forcefully which certainly had affected the people badly. But if this farmers bill is imposed, then the entire structure of the country will be destroyed, he said. He said that small and middle-class farmers across the country would be forced to commit suicide.
          Subsequently, the protesting Youth Congress workers were stopped by the Haryana Police on the Punjab-Haryana border and water canons were used to disperse them. Several Youth Congress workers got minor injuries due to the use of force by Haryana Police.  The protesters were later arrested and taken to the police station.

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