Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Kumari Selja Alleges BJP-JJP Government of Harassing the People of the State during the Corona Epidemic

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Chandigarh Sept. 15, 2020:- President Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee Kumari Selja has raised questions on the new conditions laid for giving paddy to rice millers for CMR rice. She has accused the BJP-JJP government of harassing the people of the state during the Corona epidemic. She said that after getting the farmers and laborers lathi-charged in Kurukshetra, now the other sections of the state were under target of this government and new conspiracies were being hatched by this government to harass them.

Kumari Selja said that this time the havoc of the anti-people policies of the government had broken on the rice millers of the state. New conditions had been imposed by the BJP-JJP alliance government of Haryana as part of a conspiracy to harass rice millers. If these new policies were implemented, farmers along with rice millers will also have to suffer. They will face difficulty in selling paddy, she added.

She said that this shows the conspiracy of the government that out of 1400, the government wants to give paddy to only 600 rice mills for CMR. Security on paddy had been increased from 10 lakh to 50 lakh and a condition had been laid to attach assets equal to the value of paddy. Apart from this, there was a rule to register rice mills for three years by paying Rs 3000. The rice mills had registered last year only, but now the government wants them to register again and that too by paying a fee of Rs 3000 per year. Besides, sale centers were being set up in rice mills. The Haryana government had also refused to provide gunny bags to rice millers on the purchase of paddy for CMR rice. The new conditions also stated that rice millers with power connections of less than 70 kv capacity will not be given paddy.

Kumari Selja said that it was clear from these conditions that the government was deliberately harassing rice millers under a conspiracy. At the time of the Corona epidemic, when the people of the state were completely distressed and the whole state was engrossed, this government was, instead of giving relief, further harassing the people by taking such anti-people decisions.

Kumari Selja alleged that if the government's policy of harassing rice millers was not changed soon, then rice millers could refuse to purchase paddy and it will directly affect the farmer, who will have trouble selling his crop.

She said that Haryana Congress was standing with rice millers and farmers of the state and this conspiracy of the Haryana Government will be strongly opposed by the Congress.

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