Monday, 21 September 2020

Infinity Labs Launches Next-Gen Secure Sd-Wan Solutions

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Chandigarh Sept.21, 2020:- Infinity Labs, a leading provider of technology and network solutions, announced the launch of Infinxt Secure SD-WAN, the next-generation software-defined wide area network solution with an inbuilt next-generation firewall (NGFW). The solution focuses on delivering a high-quality experience with business-centric applications without compromising network security. 

Large enterprise as well as Small and medium businesses (SMBs) across India will now have access to Infinxt Secure SD-WAN, a 'Make in India' solution that offers unmatched feature-rich technology ease-of-deployment, ease-of-use coupled with enterprise-class security. Infinxt SD-WAN provides a series of benefits to customers such as business agility by rapid and easy deployment, inherent economics by offering the same level of QoS of MPLS at a fraction of cost, and optimized cloud architecture with inbuilt NGFW.Infinxt brings an added advantage for centralized and easy control & management and an integrated hybrid WAN with traffic prioritization. 

The next-gen secure SD-WAN solution will help enterprises optimize existing network connections between distributed sites across geographies and achieve enterprise-class network performance, stability, and security for critical applications. The solution also provides centralized management and control for enterprises to steer traffic on an application-level basis, or by access type, enabling the remote sites to make efficient utilization of the available pool of bandwidth. 

Highlighting the launch, Rakesh Goyal, CEO, Infinity Labs, said that enterprises across segments today are increasingly recognizing the business benefits and value addition offered by SD-WAN technology. The high costs of enterprise quality bandwidth coupled with the impact of the pandemic and the subsequent shift towards remote working have further emphasized the need for a solution that provides enhanced network security and enables bandwidth aggregation and optimization. We are proud to launch Infinxt - an industry-leading Secure SD-WAN solution that bundles the benefits of dynamic path selection, network optimization, and application performance routing. Infinxt will deliver enterprise-class SD-WAN technology with compelling ROI for small businesses across distributed locations and users.

Infinxt secure SD-WAN combines routing, network security features, and firewalls into a single point network solution, improving the network's overall performance and reliability while also significantly lowering the cost of the operations.  Using an Infinxt SD-Wan solution, a business owner or CIO can get real-time visibility of all network components through streaming telemetry built into the SD-WAN.

Another advantage is the zero-touch provisioning and AutoVPN capabilities, making equipment deployment quick and easy, barring the need for a specialized IT resource. Access to real-time performance data is facilitated through a simplified cloud-based console and mobile application. Infinxt SD-WAN also provides important benefits to multi-site customers. It allows branch offices to easily connect, without building VPN connections, managing routing tables, and other complex networking configurations. 

With the adoption of SAAS and IAAS, WAN has witnessed multiple levels of traffic accessing applications across the globe. The solution provides dynamic routing of SAAS application traffic for faster and efficient delivery and enhanced user experience with optimized performance. The SD-WAN approach to network connectivity helps reduce operational costs and increases resource usage. Palo Alto Networks brings next-generation firewall capabilities into Infinxt SD-WAN, making it a most agile, feature-rich, and secure solution available today.

Considering the varied needs and requirements of Indian enterprises, Infinxt has introduced two solutions to provide users the choice to decide on the features, arrangement, and security standards. For enterprise customers looking to connect branches for bandwidth aggregation with a pre-existing security configuration of their own can choose the Infinxt SD-WAN solution. Infinxt Secure SD-WAN solution will be the apt choice for integrating next-generation security alongside the Infinxt SD-WAN solution's advance offerings. 

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