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Centre of Excellence to come up in Dogri Dept: Vice Chancellor

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Chandigarh Sept.22, 2020:- Fifth Chapter of Cheten Di Lari was organised today by Department of Dogri and Department of English, University of Jammu in collaboration with Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust. Presided over by Prof. Manoj K Dhar, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu, the event was held online, during which announced that the University has decided to set up a Centre of Excellence in Dogri. "I look forward to active support of all of you and particularly Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust in helping the proposed centre evolve as a hub of literary and cultural activities related to Dogra heritage, Prof Dhar said. Highlighting the role of language, the VC said, "Language is intrinsic to the expression of culture. It acts as a medium for communicating values, beliefs and customs. It wouldn't be wrong to say that language is the means of expression of the intangible cultural heritage of people. Therefore, when you teach your child the language, you are passing to him/her the entire cultural heritage which includes values traditions, humour, spirituality, art and crafts and many other things."

Complimenting KVM Trust for its efforts to promote the Dogri language, Prof Dhar said that the Trust through its several endevours, be it in education like awarding scholarships to the students or in promoting the Dogri language through translations, technology, entertainment has done some impressive work over the years. "Their attempt to involve youth in bringing the world to Dogri and popularising Dogri across the globe through art, culture, literary events are bearing fruits and I am happy that we have an organization like Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust that is sincerely working towards preserving the Dogri language," the Vice Chancellor added.

During the fifth Chapter of Cheten Di Lari, new works of Sahitya Akademi awardee Kunwar Viyogi were also released by eminent Dogri writer Mohan Singh Slathia. He also shared some insights about the newly released works of the celebrated writer and revealed, "Kunwar Viyogi's six books of on sonnets have currently been published and each book has 200 sonnets each. His other works are under publication and it is so heartening to see that the writer had immense volume of work dedicated to Dogri." Slathia pointed out that while sonnet as a form of poetry is very common in European and Indian literature, but in Dogri it has not been successfully attempted by many writers. He said that Kunwar Viyogi is the only Dogri writer who has managed to pen so many in Dogri and another 200 sonnets in English.

The event began with Saraswati Vandana by talented singer Vanshika Jaral who also sang Kunwar Viyogi's Dogri Songs 'Dilangi Chaar' and 'Paa Aakhde Jeene Gi'later in the event. Brother-sister duo Roohie and Juhi also sang the Dogri poet's poem Bholi.

Meanwhile, Garima Gupta, Assistant Professor, Department of English read a paper on Kunwar Viyogi's poem 'Bholi' with special focus on feminism. She observed that in 'Bholi', the poet expresses his immense love and concern for his little sister and how he worries about the struggles that lie ahead of her. "Perhaps the older brother can with his worldly experience can enjoy his younger sister's childhood only with the burden of knowing what the world has to offer to the both of them," Garima notes. She compares Bholi with George Elliot's sonnet sequence 'Brother and Sister' where is a woman who is looking back at her childhood along with the relationship she shared with her brother. The English professor further observes that the sister recalls her past experiences as forming her present self, yet acknowledging how much has changed in passing time.

Rashmeet Kaur from Department of English, in her paper discussed about Kunwar Viyogi's love for Jammu and patriotism, reflected in many of his writings. Referring to Kunwar Viyogi's sonnet - Temple bells of Jammu, Kaur says that the poet expresses his gratitude to the enchanting voice of ringing of bells through which he can forget the hardships of life. Through this poem, Kunwar Viyogi pays homage to his homeland and finds solace in the temple bells as it is an integral to the people of Jammu. He identifies the ringing of bells as a lifeline, a source of inspiration that help him continue with his struggles in life. His reference to lakes like Mansar and Sanasar in his writing is aimed at bringing out the natural bounty of the region. In the sonnet Sanasar, the poet relishes the scenic beauty of the lake as its devoid of human imprints and helps the reader to savour the loveliness of the place.

Chairman Goverdhan Singh Jamwal complimented the Vice Chancellor for being a source of support for the Trust in undertaking all the activities for the promotion of Dogri. Jamwal, in his address also complimented HoD Dogri Shiv Dev Manhas and HoD English Prof Monika Sethi for their active cooperation and assured that the Trust will always come up with innovative methods to promote the language and promote Dogri culture. KVM Trust Chairman said that Department of Dogri and English should create a kind of synergy to promote the language and the Trust will help them do so. He also thanked eminent Dogri writer Mohan Singh for releasing the works of Kunwar Viyogi and bringing it before the public. Jamwal said that the Trust, in the future would like to work with the eminent Dogri writer and promote the cause of Dogri further. Thanking Dogri Sanstha President Lalit Mangotra for his support to the Trust, KVM Trust chairman revealed that the Trust and the Sanstha are working together to bring the world to Dogri through its multiple endevours and will continue to do so in times to come.

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