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Benefits of Learning Coding at Young Age Discussed at Webinar by PU Computer Science

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Chandigarh Sept. 24, 2020:- A webinar on 'National Education Policy 2020: Introducing coding at young age' was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Applications, Panjab University and Vidya Bharti  today. 

The webinar started with the welcome address by Dr. Rohini Sharma, Chairperson where she discussed that Coding is a basic literacy in this digital age and this idea of introducing coding at young age can be achieved by joint efforts of all the stakeholders. 

PU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Raj Kumar, in his address  stressed upon the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders to implement the ideas proposed in NEP. He added that the reforms will open many doors of opportunities not only for students but also for the country as a whole to become a global knowledge superpower. It will change the perception of the Indian education system from the school level onwards by allowing every student to pursue their interests and excel in the field they desire.

PU VC opined that  Introducing coding and increasing exposure to technology at a young age will go a long way in helping future generations lead the way to a new world of innovation and creativity, thus, giving children the opportunity to set their own goals and reach new heights debarred of old teaching systems to pull them down. The secret of success for a student lies in making the best use of his capability and capacity to think. Previously the student used to think through  the mind of the teacher and follow their thought process. Coding helps to blossom every single unit of the child's brain whether being logical thinking or through art integration, mechanics, or analytical thinking. It enables children to enter the world of new-age technology by giving them an arena to develop apps and games or work in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Vijay Nadda, Organizing Secretary North Zone, Vidya Bharti was the chief guest who talked on the role of a good teacher in shaping the future of students,  as it is the teacher whose hand the student holds in his journey to success . He shared his thoughts on the new 'Shiksha Neeti' and how it marks an important step by the government to help brighten the future of the nation. 

The keynote speaker Prof. Sanjeev Sofat from PEC, Chandigarh talked on the benefits of learning coding at a young age like development of analytical and computational thinking and problem solving skills. It will lead to algorithmic and structural thinking in kids, that is, they will get the ability to define clear steps to solve a problem and learn how problems can be divided into smaller modules for efficient solutions. Coding concepts inculcate the habit of curiosity and will push the students to ask questions.

Dr. Parminder Duggal, Principal Ankur School also expressed her views on the topic and Prof. Anu Gupta concluded the webinar by proposing a vote of thanks. The webinar concluded on a positive note that introducing coding in schools will bring positive change in the way kids think about problems.

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