Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Corona Impacted a Group of Helping Enthusiasts Volunteers Took a Noble Initiative to Help the Underprivileged Community

By 121 News
Chandigarh May 06, 2020:-. As we are aware the whole nation is impacted with pandemic of  Corona Virus so, during this  time many organizations and people are coming forward to help the people to overcome these tough situations across world . 
Corona Impacted is helping people not only in India but in various countries like USA, Canada also with their global team of volunteers.
As part of the service to Impacted community many  activities are conducted by Corona Impacted volunteers  team  on 28th April a campaign was conducted by our Ambala unit near Saha.  Rations kits for 50 underprivileged were distributed to all such families living in slums, laborers who were in desperate need of this help. Through a manual survey, 50 such deprived  families were identified by our volunteers and their needs were also inquired. Each family was provided with a ration kit (flour, sugar, potato, onion, oil, turmeric, rice, chili, soap, sugar, tea) for a month. In today's circle management meeting, it was also decided that if the lockdown period will increase further, the team of corona Impacted will continue this help until needed.
Rajneesh Kumar, the convener of Corona Impacted India Wing, issued a press release, stating that "a large number of volunteers are joining our campaign daily,  at the same time we are also taking special care that medicines, clothing or other types of daily life needs as well" if some wanted to join our volunteer group they may visit our website and register to extend their physical help.
Also we would like to encourage financial established organizations and people to donate for this  real good cause. 
It is a fact that in addition to India, the work of CoronaImpacted in USA and Canada is also growing rapidly and units of these countries are under formation. 
In India, the work of Corona Impacted has been duly started in Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka effectively.
Director of Punjabi StarLive Music and Films , Gaarry Sharma also provided financial assistance for this work and we thank him for his contributions.
On this initiative he said, "This is very crucial time for whole world. So, this is our responsibility to help those who are not only under privileged but also are unable to even make both ends meet. We are trying our best to help as much as possible . And we urge others to come forward and help."
In this work, the support of all the workers like Surendra Rana, Ravi Dutt, Ashwani Kumar, Anil Saini, Jaswinder Singh etc. is getting remarkable attention. 
Youth activists Dheeraj, Vinay, Digvijay, Praveen Kumar and Deepak reiterated their commitment to carry out the aid campaign in this disaster period of COVID-19.
Apart from helping ourselves we strongly urge people to come to the website and make donations to make effective campaigns.

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