Thursday, 23 April 2020

Equitas Small Finance Bank Undertakes Several Initiatives to Help the Nation Fight COVID-19.

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Chandigarh April 23, 2020:-Equitas Small Finance Bank, India's largest Small Finance Bank has undertaken several initiatives to help the nation in its fight against the COVID 19 pandemic. The bank has extended a helping hand to the'JantaWarriors',the real lockdown heroes, our Police force of the country who have been fighting for the safety and security of citizens across the country.
The company distributed and set up umbrellas for these 'Janta Warriors' who have been standing strong and fighting for our safety, symbolizing an arc of safety and care.It is because of these heroes that the country is able to stand tall and fight back.
With an aim of providing care and inclusive growth for a better tomorrow,Equitas Small Finance bank promises to stand by the Nation in its quest to overcome this pandemic with the best of its services being provided. Additionally, the Bank has also been distributing groceries, masks and hand washes to those in need across the country to ensure they stay safe and healthy.
Keeping in mind the current and immediate need of its customers, the bank has also startedvarious digital banking services like Selfe FDs and Selfe savings accounts where customers are self - empowered and can use their Mobile and Internet Banking for the swift access of banking transactions. Adhering to the social distancing norm, a customer can continue his / her banking transactions digitally in a more convenient and accessible manner.
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