Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Kashmir, Haryana Families Swap Kidney to Save Lives of Their Loved Ones

By 121 News

Chandigarh 04th March:- Amidst recent communal violence in Delhi which claimed precious lives, the two families from Kashmir and Haryana stood tall and epitomized brotherhood, love, affection and sacrifice by swapping kidneys to save the lives of their loved ones.

Ifra Jan ( 20) who hails from Kulgram village near Anantnag showed exemplary courage at this young age by coming forward to donate her kidney to a man from Yamunanagar whose wife donated her kidney to Ifra's mother under swap transplant at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula.   

Talking  to media during a press conference here on Wednesday, Dr Neeraj Goyal , kidney transplant surgeon and consultant of urologist at Alchemist said that Zubaida Bano (47) was suffering from kidney failure for over 2-yr. She was undergoing regular dialysis at a hospital in Srinagar. However her condition started deteriorating in the last 1-yr due to need of regular dialysis and required immediate transplanted.  

Dr Neeraj further informed initially her husband was willing to donate his kidney however on medical examination he was found unfit for kidney donation. Even their daughter Ifra was found to be ineligible due to blood group mis-matching with her mother. He said that there was no other eligible donor in the family with matching blood group. 

Luckily at same time, Ajay Kumar (33) from Yamunanagar approached Alchemist with severe kidney problem .His condition was also very critical and required kidney transplant at the earliest, said Dr Neeraj.

On detailed analysis of both the patients, it was found that both these patients were fit or eligible for the paired exchange kidney transplant, which is a legally and medically viable option. Tissue matching was performed and both the kidneys matched perfectly to the respective donors, said Dr Neeraj adding after necessary legal permissions from the respective state authorities of J &K and Haryana the transplants were performed successfully at Alchemist.

Both patients are now leading a normal life, said Dr Ramesh Kumar, Sr. consultant nephrology

Ajay's wife Geeta said that Ifra came to our life like an angel at a time when her husband required an urgent kidney transplant.

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