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GurvinderSingh Ghuman Takes Social Initiative "Beautiful India–Colorful India"

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Chandigarh 02nd March:- Giving wings to his dreams Gurvinder Singh Ghuman has taken a unique initiative of Beautiful India, Colorful India. With an aim to motivate people towards plantation of beautiful and colorful flowering trees, this crusader from Sirsa, Haryana has come a long way since 2018.

While addressing the media persons today during a media conference, Gurvinder Singh Ghuman stated that majority Indians plant traditional trees (Tali, Kakkar, Neem, Piple, Safeda etc.) which results in green foliage only whereas his idea is to plant flowering trees, herbal trees, ornament trees, and fine looking shrubs along with traditional trees.   

Giving an insight into the initiative background, Gurvinder Singh Ghuman said that in 2018, he purchased seven varieties of FT, HT, OT, and Shrubs from a renowned nursery in Pune (167 PLANTS). This work of tree planting was accomplished with the help and support of area priests, local politicians and the local government administrators, the police department, and the enthusiastic people of Sirsa including students, teachers, and concerned citizens.

He said further that we planted these trees in various locations around Sirsa, including the hospitals, government schools, parks, police stations, as well as other public places within the city.

This was a great success, however purchasing these plants from a nursery on our own is expensive, and that's why we are not able to do this on a large scale, shared Ghuman.  However, purchasing the seeds is a cost effective way to carry forward this initiative, he went on to add.

The seeds for these government approved trees are available in some parts of India, and the cost of seeds is less than purchasing plants.

Therefore, in 2019, Gurvinder Singh Ghuman purchased 72 varieties of seeds, totaling 125,000 seeds. Out of these seeds, Gurvinder Singh Ghuman made 1000 kits and distributed 500 throughout Haryana, 300 in Punjab, and the remaining 200 were distributed to private & government schools, shrines (Gurudwaras, Temples, Churches, Brahm Kumaris, & Ashrams), agricultural universities, Woman Kissan Wing, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana and also to environment conservationists.

After commencing this initiative in Sirsa, Gurvinder Singh Ghuman's goal is to reach out to government/private schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, holy places and other public areas in every kasba, villages, and even dhanis of farmers spread across every book and corner of India.

These and similar types of seeds should be available all over the country.  Nurseries all over India have the knowledge about types of seeds & about the ways to plant them. Ghuman further said that additionally, he want to share knowledge about the optimal sowing  & replant time, as well as details about the size and height of the trees to ensure they are planted optimally.

Gurvinder Singh Ghuman said that moving forward, we are looking for the support of corporate houses, social organizations, experts in forestry, environment aficionados, conservationists, CSR initiatives, citizens, and government (central and state) to be part of this movement to beautify this country.

He also said that he would also like to invite Indian NRI's who have love and passion for their country and would be willing to donate seeds and plants to their native villages. 

Also, he wants to involve seed sellers and nurseries to join us. His email id, mobile number, social media, and website will be given to connect with the people, emphasized Ghuman. 

All of these trees have environmental benefits in addition to their added beauty, color, and shade provided.  Only government approved trees will be used in this initiative.  Additionally, we must preserve our heritage plants and trees, and must protect them from vanishing.

He propose that we should celebrate this  with a flowering tree day, where annually on August 5th, the people of India should come together and plant new trees and celebrate their work towards making their country beautiful. 

He concluded that his initiative "Beautiful India - Colorful India," should not be limited to a particular region but has to be a PAN INDIA MOVEMENT.

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