Thursday, 5 March 2020

5 Jewellery Pieces to Enhance Your Personality this Women’s Day

By 121 News

Chandigarh 05th March:- Living in an era where people believe in 'walk the talk' to prove their excellence, everyone strides hard to leave a long-lasting impression that can set them apart from the crowd. Wearing even a small piece of jewellery can amplify your overall look. Jewellery has the ability to accentuate women's personality and bring out their best features.

This Women's Day, enhance your personality with the right kind of jewellery to celebrate the power of 'You'.

Fun-loving: Adding a bit of floral to not just your outfit but also to earrings is sure to bring out the best in your personality. It makes you look more fresh, rejuvenated and energetic. Floral studs with a pop of cool colours like blues and greens reflect the vibrant personality you always wear.

Bold and Sassy- Bold and sassy women are often admired for their class and mystical aura. If you are a woman who doesn't shy away from experimenting with looks and picking up quirky designs, you definitely make it to the club of bold and confident women. A dainty brooch crafted with pristine silver is like an added feather to your overall personality.

The Minimalistic-Bring alive the charm of your simplicity with minimalistic jewellery designs. If you prefer wearing light jewellery like a diamond-studded solitaire ring, it would definitely add a hint of elegance and grace to your personality.

Intuitive: There is something special about women who are intuitive in nature. The ability to feel and experience the vibrations around is a rare blessing. An enchanting motif of a bracelet with constellation, archer and birthstone will emulate your extra-ordinary powers and connect your deeper self with the cosmic energy around.

Edgy and Quirky-Edgy women don't conform to the status quo rather they build up things by themselves using their own creative zest. A pair of geometrically designed heavy drop earrings very well resonate woman's boldness and uniqueness.

Mia by Tanishq has an exquisite and alluring collection of diamond rings, earrings, pendant, bracelet and that goes well with all occasions. This Women's Day, celebrate with Mia and make it special.

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