Sunday, 23 February 2020

'The Known & The Unknown Edit 2' to be Held on Feb 29

By 121 News

Chandigarh 23rd Feb:- Chandigarh would get to experience a  delightful assortment of labels from Fashion, Jewellery, Home Decor, Health Consulting, Food, Accessories  and much more at 'The Known & The Unknown Edit' which will be held in Sukhna Enclave, Block C, Kaimbwala Road , Chandigarh on 29th of February 2020(Saturday).

The one day Lifestyle cum Fashion fiesta will be a one-stop destination for all fashion and life style enthusiasts, which showcases 38 Brands & Labels  from across the country.  'The Known & The Unknown Edit' will showcase their exquisite & well curated collections  on the 'Spring summer collection 2020' theme.

Babi Grewal & Sarah Mehra, Co-founders of The Known & The Unknown Edit 2 , are glad to announce this to be one of the first of its kind events which brings fashion from the ramp straight to the stall, for the potential customer to buy it straight off the Runway!

Sarah added that the team which backs our event is extremely talented and very professional, the event has a crew of  20 models which would be walking the ramp , and is choreographed by a very renowned fashion show director, Jibran Khan. We also are grateful to our event partners such as Creatiavtorss modelling agency and other official  partners  for bringing our event to this level.

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