Saturday, 22 February 2020

Mrs. Agra 2020 Begins: Who Will Take the Crown Alia or Tara

By 121 News

Chandigarh 22nd Feb:- The war for the title of Mrs. Agra 2020 is on, as Alia (Anusha Mishra) and Tara (Priyanka Purohit) gear up to put their finest qualities forward to defeat each other to win the prestigious title of Mrs. Agra. Sony SAB's Tera Kya Hoga Alia is set to witness a week full of glamour, fun and series of thrilling competition where Alia and Tara will give each other a cut-throat competition to win the crown.

The news of Mrs. Agra 2020 spreads like a wild fire in Teacher's colony and all women including Alia decide to enroll for the contest. While Alia along with her best friend, Rabia starts filling the form to enroll herself to the contest, Tara feels left out as her marriage with Alok is not a public knowledge.

Tara, insecure that Alok will participate with Alia in the contest, decides to come up with a plan to be a part of the competition. Tara fakes her medical situation by again falling unconscious in front of Alok and putting Alok on the edge to convince the contest head, to consider Tara's enrollment for her well beings. Tara finally makes her way into Mrs. Agra 2020 contest to go head to head with Alia.

Anusha Mishra, playing the role of Alia said that Alia has always been a part of Mrs. Agra and she has for years won the title. This time around as well, she is pumped to win the title. The contest will be a lot of competitive as Alia will be going head to head with her enemy Tara. We have really enjoyed shooting for this glamorous contest and she look forward and urge our viewers to support Alia to win the title of Mrs. Agra 2020.

Priyanka Purohit, playing the role of Tara said that Tara is a competitive woman. While she will be taking part in Mrs. Agra for the first time, she is pumped with confidence to take over Alia's title from previous year. The competition entails many rounds and Tara will not fall short in any as she has already started preparing to put her best foot forward. The viewers will thoroughly enjoy as it is the ultimate battle between Tara and Alia.


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