Thursday, 7 November 2019

"Raatan Nu" WIns Hearts Straightaway After Releasing

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Chandigarh 07th November:- Punjabi singer AMN's first song "Raatan Nu" has been released by J-Star Productions and the song has already won hearts of many as soon as it was released. It is a sad song that connects with the emotions of every youngster.

Amn himself wrote and sang the song 'Rataan Nu'. Music direction is done by J-Star; song's music video has been directed by R Swami and produced by J-Star Productions.

Amn has succeeded in fulfilling his dream after so many years of struggle. Speaking on the occasion, Amn said that he has been working for his first song for quite some time. If many people supported him in his journey, many people felt that he would not be able to do anything. The release of Raatan Nu has given a befitting reply to those people that if you work hard for something, then one day you will get success. This song has removed the darkness of him life which the taunts of the people had enforced on him.  

Regarding the song, Amn said that it is a sad song which is the feeling of a common youngster. He along with J-Star have worked very hard on this song. 

Music director of the song, J-Star said that the lyrics of this song are very good which Amn himself has written. Amn has talent that will take him much further. He said that one day Amn came and met him and said that he wants to do a song with him. He heard his song which he liked and we started working together on this project.

Video director of the song, R Swami said that he got a call from J Star & he said that he has very good friend, He has to get his music video done. He fly directly from Mumbai to Delhi and go there and he introduced him to Amn. His meeting with Amn was a great experience. He is a very good person at heart, but he was thinking how a graphic designer can sing a song, then when he heard his song, He liked the song very much. He believes that when the song sounds good, its filming also becomes good. J Star did amazing music as he always does. The surprising thing was that Amn himself wrote the song. There was a very home like atmosphere; He did not think that he is working with a new artist. It seemed that he already know Amn. We were planned to finish filming for this song in 2 days.  But because of Amn, we finished this song in one day; it is such a good artist. He has seen such dedication in very few people. He heartily congratulates him and he give him the very best wishes.

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