Thursday, 7 March 2019

Social’s Women Day Comic Offers Insight Into Inequalities Rampant in Society

By 121 News

Chandigarh 07th Mar, 2019:- Women's Day is upon us, yet again, with offers aplenty available wherever a lady steps out to, contrasted by widespread commentary on the significance of this day and whether women even need a special day or not.

This is why, Social, your friendly neighborhood café bar, and dojo of all things cultural, has decided to focus on the reality of what women have to deal with on a daily basis. To bring into notice the fact that only fraction of a women in this country have a access to menstrual hygiene, Sector 7 Social is asking its patrons to donate towards sponsoring women's sanitary needs for a year. With a small donation of INR 300, you can cover sanitary needs of 1 woman for around a year, and that is the small step Sector 7 Social is asking you to take so we as a society can take a giant leap forward in ensuring Women's Health in the city.

In addition, Social, in collaboration with Good Bad Comics (Aditi Mali), has crafted a one-page comic strip depicting what a woman goes through on a regular night out vis-à-vis how it should be.

The concept behind the comic strip is Balance for Better, envisioning a society where the gender imbalance is set right, where women and men are treated the same, & can feel safe, secure and heard. Social will be distributing this comic to everyone who walks into the outlets on the 8th, at a pan-India level, and will be disseminating copies to leading publications, media journals and influencers to ensure that this crucial information reaches as many people as it can. Social believes that the impact lies in making a change from the grassroots level, and starting from the ground up.

Shobita Kadan, Marketing Director, Impresario, said that Social has always been at the forefront of change, and as a brand, it has always stood for empowering people, no matter their gender, age, caste or race. For us, women are equal to men, and it is a sad truth that we are in 2019, and still having to fight for opportunities, safety and to get our voices heard. Our hope is that this comic reaches as many people as possible, and lets them know Social stands for balance.

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