Friday, 8 February 2019

Bhajan Aaye Kailasa's Poster Launched: Udit Narayan & Maneka Mishra Gave Their Voice to the Bhajan

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Chandigarh 08th Feb, 2019:- "Aaye Kailasa" Prayagraj Maha Kumbh is not only the biggest effort of all the devotees who have come up on Kumbh till now, but this Bhajan by the inspiration of  Dakshineshwar Kali Pithadishwar Mahamandaleshwar Kailashanand Brahmachari ji and inspirational interlude to Cosmic revaivel, this bhajan  is created by Dr. Ajay Magan In the musical direction of Bollywood composer Dushyant Singh, on the other hand playback singer Padmabhushan  Udit Narayan used  his voice, playback singer Menka Mishra and Dushyant Singh has converted it into a great musical presentation. Bhajan is written by Dr. Ritu Singh and it has been directed by director Dushyant Singh. It has been filmed on the location of Haridwar, Prayagraj and Mumbai. Because filming on the location from the east to the west and the Aquarius theme, this Kumbh Bhajan also actively establishes the union in the East and the Kumbh of the bhajan.

Regarding Mahamandaleshwar kailashanand Brahamchari ji has expressed the hope that this bhajan is not only of the Hindu community of India but of all the people in world. It will be liked and this bhajan will prove to be a milestone in the propagation of Aquarius, while the International cosmic Healer Dr. Ajay Magan is very excited about this bhajan. And he told this to Maharaj.

When Padmabhushan Udit Narayan was singing this bhajan he was  praising its composition and words, it dedicates to the people of India. According to musician and director Dushyant Singh, this Bhajan as Maharaj ji's inspiration got ready in the talks and this was given a new dimension by Udit Narayan  and Menka Mishra by their voice.

Playback singer Menka Mishra said that because she lives in Prayagraj, it is a matter of honor and pride for her to sing this bhajan with Bollywood legends. Through this bhajan she could represent Prayagraj, hence the moment is unforgettable for her.

According to Dushyant Singh, the above bhajan is available on Youtube, on the platform of "Dushyant Corporations." The above mentioned bhajan have used cutting-edge technology and equipment during recording and shooting so that this leaves an impressive impression on the interactive platform.  According to Dushyant Singh, personal efforts will be made to spread the publicity of this bhajan and to make it accessible to the masses.

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