Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Chandigarh's 12 Panchayats of Villages Decides Not to Celebrate Independence Day This Year

By 121 News

Chandigarh 07th August:- The Sarpanch of 12 villages in Chandigarh said today in the press conference that BDPO are doing all effort to crush the Panchayati Raj, in Chandigarh. This was stated by the Members of the Chandigarh Sarpanch Association.

They said that for the first time in 50 years, the bills of works done by Panchayats (ACF ) has been sent for checking and not releasing the  payments for several months, due to which the village panchayats have become worse.

In a press conference organized at the Chandigarh Press Club, Sarpanch of 12 village said that the Panchayat is not able to do the development work and the condition of the village is getting worse. To look at all the panchayats with suspicions by the BDPO and ignore their actions and to express their objections in all the tasks. Due to which all the Panchayats of the village are facing problems. Neither the development work has been done nor is it being done.On the same issue, the Sarpanch of 12 panchayats of Chandigarh went to their office to meet BDPO, all standing outside their office for a long time. But BDPO did not invite them to meet him, after all the sarpanch tired of being waiting for long, they all went back to their village. They got nothing but despair. 

This  is a matter of humiliation for the villages and Panchayats in Chandigarh. All of them are being treated like this which is quite embarrassing. He further said that since the BDPO took charge, 12 villages of Chandigarh have been in disaster mode since then. 

All the development work of the village has stalled, no progress is being made, everyone is being interrupted in the work and it is being stopped. The panchayats have been badly damaged and neither they are allowed to do any work nor are they able to do any work by themselves, due that the condition of the village is getting crispy day by day.  Because of this Panchayati Raj is being demolished and it is being ignored, it is being insulted too, if this is the case then the existence of the Panchayati Raj will end in the coming time. 

On 24-04-18,  out of 12 panchayats of Chandigarh, two panchayats were selected for honoring 'Gaurav Samaan' by the Hon'ble Prime Minister and the selected village was honored as a sum of prize money, Rs.1000000 was given by the Prime Minister.  Even after this, the money was not given to the village panchayat (release) and it has been delayed till today. Forcibly ignoring the Panchayati Raj by BDPO, Panchayat has been completely helpless and lifeless since this type of work has been done.

Sarpanch of Panchayats of Chandigarh has decided that if the BDPO has not been sent back to their original state within next 15 days, then all of Chandigarh Panchayats will send their resignation to Chandigarh Admission.

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