Thursday, 26 July 2018

Super Sisters Coming Soon on Sony SAB

By 121 News

Chandigarh 26th July:- 'Sometimes being a sister is even better than being a superhero' but what if you can be both.  Sony SAB will soon be launching a new show, Super Sisters. A tale of the undying love between two sisters and their enchanted life, Super Sisters hits the small screen on 6th August at 7:30 pm only on Sony SAB.

Replete with moments showcasing one of the truest forms of love, Super Sisters unfolds the story of siblings–Shivani, main protagonist, played by Vaishali Takkar and her younger sister Siddhi played by Muskaan Baamne. While Shivani is a homely, kind and innocent girl her Siddhi is bubbly, happy go lucky and full of life, with a very tomboy like demeanour and an unmissable strong Haryanvi accent that can cut like a knife.

Super Sisters is all about the resilient sibling relationship and an entangled love story with many characters being a crucial part of their lives. Ashmit Oberoi played by Gaurav Wadhwa, the handsome prince charming who enters Shivani's life and gives it a new meaning. But Shivani runs away from any opportunity of them being together.  Shivani's family consists of her lovable chacha Vijay Badlani, who both the sisters adore and are extremely close to. Their Mama played by Kunal Pandit and cunning mami played by Manini De Mishra, along with their daughter Isha played by Isha Anand Sharma leave no stone unturned to fulfil their cold hearts' desires.

Sisters Shivani and Siddhi are shown living happily with their Chacha in Haryana, leading a simple life. But, what happens when this simple life doesn't remain so anymore. What magical secret will change their lives forever.

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