Monday, 9 July 2018

Former Johnian from City Bags Southeast Emmy Student Production Award

By 121 News

Chandigarh 09th July:- Director, writer, actor and editor, Manahar Kumar had always held a deep fascination the world of television and movies.A master's student at Savannah College of Art and design (SCAD) courtesy Eduvelocity Kumar's professors were amazed with his passion and dedication for the art and recommended his short documentary, 'What are you Looking At?' for the Southeast EMMY Student Production Award hosted by The Southeast EMMY Chapter, of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

He was then not only nominated for it, but he also ended up winning the prestigious award and claimed that the award signifies a sense of appreciation for his work, which makes him realize that he is on the right track, when he was asked about how he felt with his accomplishment. He then further stated that whats more important, is that he has fallen deeply in love with the process. At the end of the day, that's imperative.

His documentary, which narrated the short story of two 8-year-old boys who, in order to buy books, collect alcohol bottles near a liquor store in sector 5 Panchkula, was a touching and emotional film depicting the harsh realities of life. Manahar Kumar further shared that he was surprised at the story that the boys told him. He did not expect them to be collecting money for books and what they said really made him want to convey the message and motivated him to make a short documentary about them. He was initially very intrigued and was just watching the boys to see what they were up to.

A non-medpass out of St. Johns High School, Kumar was following the typical route looking for engineering schools, finallylanding at Manipal University.He quickly discovered that the field of engineering was not for him and switched to mass communications instead, all the while, never letting go and constantly working with the theater and producing short movies, eventually forming the UnTied Laces (UTL) production company.

Ultimately deciding to pursue his dreams abroad, Kumar applied through Eduvelocity to and got into SCAD, from where his journey just keeps getting interesting. Being asked about his future endeavors, he said that he have a couple of upcoming movies that he is currently working on, some are marketing type and then there is a romantic comedy movie that he is very passionate about. He wrote it last year, before anything else, in March and he want to show his love for Chandigarh in it. It's about the past, present and future of this couple and he is very excited about finally shooting it, going on to explain his end goals, he said that he wants to roam the world and discover different culture. He don't want to stick to one place and one time, but he wants to explore different industries and convey his messages in different languages.

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