Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Primok Naturelle Care Launches "Phyto-medicines" Herbal Medicines: Control Liver, Sugar & Acid Related Diseases

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Chandigarh 13th June:- Primok Naturelle Care Pvt. Ltd, launched the first-ever Seabuckthorn based Phyto-medicines in Chandigarh today.

Commenting upon the launch, Devender Kumar Mittal, chairman, said that it tooks around  30 years of research, which is been initiated by former President of India  Dr. A.P. J Abul Kalam ,when he was chairman of DRDO, followed by BHU ( Banaras Hindu University ), SRM university, chennai, and Adesh university Bhatinda, under his guidelines, for seabuckthorn. We take proud to launch Seabuckthorn based Phyto medicines first time in India. He said that the best thing about these medicines there is no side effect.  

Dr. K.N.Singh, CEO & Director Medysis, Bio-Tech, Himachal Pradesh said that Seabuckthorn is valued for its antioxidant,cardio-protective,anti-atherogenic,anti-diabetic, hepatoprotective,anti-carciogenic,immunomodulating,antiviral,antibacterial,anti-inflammatory and vascodilating effects. Seabuckthorn is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients and is aptly known as "nature's bounty" to the mankind.

Primok Directo Sanjay Goel from Gujrat said that diseases related with Gas, Liver & Diabetic increased day by day and our medicines Dibefin, Liverc & Ancid controls these diseases.  

Director A.K. Shrivastav, Goa said that the magical fruit, seabuckthorn found in Himalayas. The formulations are patented in USA, France, Germany and Italy. The clinical trials of phyto-medicine have been conducted over 30,000 patients and showed remarkable improvements in the conditions of patients with various diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Obesity, Liver and arthritis.

Director Sanjay Bazari said that Seabuckthorn is an extremely rich source of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, K and unsaturated fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9 , Omega-7 and Palmitoleic acid, Folic acid, major saturated fatty acid like Palmitic acid Stearic acid along with monounsaturated fatty acids.

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