Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sony SAB’s Jija Ji Chhat Per Hain: Are Pancham-Pintu Hiding a Top Secret

By 121 News

Chandigarh 19th April:- Sony SAB's comedy drama Jija ji Chhat Per Hain is winning hearts courtesy the chemistry of its leading pair Hiba Nawab and Nikhil Khurana. The show has been garnering great interest due to the new tracks the storyline offers.

The viewers recently witnessed the series when Elaichi was dressed as a foreigner and flirted with Pancham. However, she was caught by Murari(Anup Upadhyay) and her pranks was revealed.

The next day, news about the sleeper cell being activated in Chandi Chowk is spread across. Daroga(Naveen Bawa) informs Murari about the alias of sleeper cells being newly married couples which makes everyone suspicious of Pintu and Pancham. Increasing the drama, Daroga reaches Murari's house and asks Pancham and Pintu(Harveer Singh) for a photo or a marriage certificate as a proof.

Agitated about the entire situation, Pancham and Pintu turn towards the talented Elaichi who comes up with a plan and arranges for a fake wedding shoot. During the fake photo shoot, the twist comes when Murari enters the room.

Commenting on the track, Nikhil Khurana who plays Pancham said that now Pancham is in a fix as his secret is about to get revealed. He is also asked to present his marriage certificate that's when the situation becomes funny and tricky.

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