Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Zee Classic to Celebrate Sridevi’s Birthday with Chaalbaaz on 13th August

By 121 News

Chandigarh 08th August:- Salman Khan calls her a bigger star than the three Khans. She is accorded as the first female superstar of India. At 53, she is the still the evergreen style icon whose looks can kill. She is Sridevi.

It was her song Hawa Hawaii in Mr. India, way back in 1987, when the vivacious Sridevi cruised her way into our hearts forever. In her four decade long career, Sridevi has given us numerous memorable characters and she continues to amaze the audience with strong portrayals. With a brand promise of 'Wo Zamaana Kare Deewana', Zee Classic celebrates the birthday of the iconic actress with comic caper Chaalbaaz on Sunday, 13th August at 4:30 PM. One of the most popular films of the 80's this one starred Sridevi in her first double role along with Sunny Deol and Rajanikanth. This film's popular dance number 'Kisi Ke Haath Naa Ayegi' still manages to make people groove.

Identical twins, Anju and Manju, get separated in infancy. Manju (Sridevi) grows up to be feisty and self-reliant, aspiring to be a dancing star.  Anju(also Sridevi) however remains under the control of her uncle Tribhuvan (Anupam Kher) and his companion Amba (Rohini Hattangadi), who are unspeakably cruel. She still survives as she is their sole ticket to the family wealth. Things take an unpredictable turn, when Manju and Anju accidentally swap their respective places. While Suraj (Sunny Deol), a handsome young lad meets feisty Manju, a docile Anju encounters the vibrant Jaggu (Rajnikanth), Manju's longtime pal.