Friday, 21 July 2017

Watch Virendra Sehwag Close the Series on What The Duck 2

By 121 News

Chandigarh 21st July:- The versatile Virender Sehwag returns to What The Duck 2 ending the season on a perfect note. Video-on-demand service Viu, streams its finale episode with the Nawab of Najafgarh who promises to satiate your appetite with the best blend of cricket and comedy.

Vikram Sathaye is all praises for Viru, crediting him for the success rate of the Indian cricket team post 2000 as well as attributing the high turnover of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post 2012. Witty Sehwag hits back in his most candid self, saying how audiences either enjoy cricket or comedy, hence the best way to stay connected with fans is to give them what they like. Being the unstoppable person that he is, he ventured into a medium that has no referee; no cricket boards not even an umpire who could ban him from openly expressing himself.

On being quizzed about his latest discovery of being creative and quirky, Viru tells us that he was always a person who believed in enjoying every moment that life had to offer. His team mates were witness to the fun moments, jokes and one liners that he would share with them in the dressing room. He also spills the beans on his recent challenge with Sourav Ganguly claiming that it was all in good spirit. He reveals how they got into a friendly argument on who runs the fastest. Viru being Viru threw an open challenge, 20th June being the day, the two would race against each other in a 100 metre sprint. However, Ganguly did not turn up. So, what if it did not happen that day, viewers are waiting with bated breath to see who emerges victorious.

The freewheeling chat with Virugets better with every passing segment of the show. From being anti coach in his hay days to being the current coach for the Punjab Kings XI, Viru delves deep into his definition of being a good coach. He believes in creating a good environment for the players despite the highs and lows that are inevitable in a game of cricket. He also ensures that the cricketers have a good attitude towards the game, no matter what the outcome is.

The episode takes a turn when the fearless Viru confesses his fear of travelling by flight. The man, who wasn't even scared of Shoaib Akhtar or Wasim Akram, expresses his fear of flying and of heights. The quirky Sehwag also reveals how he got Anil Kumble out in his 90s and till date Kumble regrets not being able to make that century. Sehwag had advised Kumble to hit hard rather than making runs at a slow pace. Kumble fell for it and hit the ball in such a way that he got out. Kumble got carried away with Sehwag's motivational talk and lost out on a century. Sehwag laughed out loud and told us that he did not expect Kumble to listen to him. He also expresses his fondness for the man and shares an interesting side to Kumble's contrasting personality. Kumble would be an intense and strict person on field but would be an extremely fun-loving person off the field.

Sehwag calls Sachin Tendulkar the god of cricket. He tells us an interesting encounter with Sachin Paaji while batting with him. Hear it directly from the horse's mouth in this week's episode that is now available on Viu. He also shares about being the worst singer in the Indian cricket team despite being known to sing and hum while playing many of the games.