Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pracheen Kala Kendra Holds its 236th Monthly Baithak

By 121 News

Chandigarh 11th July:- In continuation with the tradition of monthly Baithak Pracheen Kala Kendra organized its 236th Baithak. In which Bharatnatyam exponent Aparajita Sarma captivate the audience with her spell bound performance. The Dr. M.S. Randhawa  Auditorium reverberated with the melodious beats of ghungroos and musical flow of the bodily movements. Aparajita mesmerized the audience with her skillful footwork to intricate rhythmic patterns of Natvangam and her dance was  sheer display of energy. She showcased her perfection and grace of its peak. Her performance appeared to be exact personification of abstract Bharatnatyam.

After an introduction and welcome by Kendra's Deputy Registrar Dr. Samira Koser the enthusiastic Aparajita presented "Bhavayami Raghuramam" , the story of Lord Rama, his journey through forests in search of his beloved wife Sita and the battle with demon king Ravana is a timeless tale etched in the minds of all. Bhavayami Raghuramam, a Ragamalika, by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal in Sanskrit takes us through the known lanes of Ramayana which started when a divine god was born in the kingdom of Ayodhya to King Dasharatha through the penance of a holy yagna.  Through this yagna a miraculous potion appeared which filled the wombs of Dasharatha's queens. Rama, child of Kaushalya, was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who killed demons, protected sage Vishwamitra's sacred yagna, stringed Lord Shiva's Bow and won Sita's hand marriage. Mind Poisoned by Vile Manthara, Kaikeyi made Dasharatha banish Rama to the forest for 14 years. Fate destined them to meet wicked enchantress soorpanakha who avenged her dishonor. Ravana kidnapped Sita by luring away Rama with the mayavi golden deer. Allied with the monkey army Rama finally comes victorious in battle with Ravana after which Sita goes through the test of fire to prove her purity.  The legend of Maryada Purushottam Rama.  Bhavayami Raghuramam set to Ragamalika and Roopaka Talam. 

Fine footwork and Bhav, Abhinay, expressions and knowledge of the rhythm and taal of Aparajita  has drawn encomiums from both audience and art critics  alike. Kendra Registrar Dr. Shobha Koser honored the artist.