Wednesday, 19 July 2017

India’s Premiere Bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Ishant Sharma Bare it All on What The Duck 2

By 121 News

Chandigarh 19th July:- Its yet another exciting week for cricket aficionados as Viu's What The Duck 2 brings two of India's promising young bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Ishant Sharma. The boys have a fascinating side to them that will leave you wanting more. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the inside stories they share in conversation with Vikram Sathaye on his show.

The Fabio of Indian Cricket–Ishant Sharma discusses his popular tresses in the first segment of the cricket comedy talk show. His 'ponytail' tale goes back to his school days when his vice principle pulled him out by grabbing his hair in front of the whole assembly. He reminisces how embarrassed he was especially since he had just returned after representing India in the under-19s. So much is his love for the mane that the long-limbed cricketer was ready to pay a fine of 100 dollars to skip cutting his hair when he was touring the West Indies.

While Ishant shares his obsession for his hair from a very young age, Jasprit talks about his passion for cricket right from his childhood. Bumrah used to play with a ball inside his house. During the afternoon, it was difficult for him to play outside. He was forbidden to play by his mother for two reasons, the intense heat as well as ensuring silence. However, our little champ found a unique solution. He looked to bowl on the floor skirting (the section where the wall meets the floor). Using this as his target, the ball would make the least sound when it bounced off it. Little did the 12-year old knew that this training would be the base for his now much fancied yorkers.

Bumrah goes on to describe how his debut in international cricket was almost the outcome of luck's kindness in disguise. The 23-year-old was supposed to fly down to Adelaide with the members of the T20 squad, but due to a problem with the visa, it was decided by the Indian cricket board that he will go to Sydney a day prior to India's fifth ODI.  The twist in the tale was during a team meeting, when Ravi Shastri in his baritone voice asked him if he was ready to play or not. He recalls how after the decision was made he waited for hours for someone to come and give him a brief on the game play, rather MS.Dhoni came to him minutes before the game was supposed to start and told him, "Just do what you know." Then 22-year old, Bumrah, who was ready to be water boy for that match stumbled upon a chance to display his craft and did so beautifully by putting his best foot forward.

Another captivating incident that will go down in history is Ishant Sharma's memorable spell to Ricky Ponting on a fast Perth pitch in 2008. The 19-year-old Ishant who was playing his fourth Test added the romance to the drama when he squared up Ricky Ponting – potentially the world's best batsman. A decision which was prompted by his then Delhi captain (a credit he still never fails to take)– Virender Sehwag turned out to be the shining moment for Sharma. Ishant's ability to achieve a high bounce and bowl long spells shook Ponting and set up a famous win for India. He also confesses on sledging Ponting in the heat of the moment.

The Indian cricket team's youngest and fastest bowler Bumrah drowns us in his dreamy and unreal story of being noticed by John Wright and thereafter playing for Mumbai Indians. If this seems too much to handle, then brace yourselves as Ishant Sharma, thefifth youngest player to take 100 Test wickets will bowl you over with his love life and the friendly banter the couple enjoys on which game is better, basketball or cricket.

If you want to make inroads into their lives, all you got to do is watch the latest episodes of the premium digital show. What The Duck 2, captures all the elements of your favourite players only on Viu. All you need to do is turn to your mobile and download the Viu app on Android or iOS.