Thursday, 27 July 2017

Gen-S, New Age of Travelers: Mahindra’s Offer Senior Citizens Blissful Retirement

By 121 News

Chandigarh 27th July:-  Today retirement is no longer considered  a bane.  In fact, after years of hand- holding kids, routine office humdrums and a stressful life, senior citizens take retirement with a brush of pleasantries and look forward to a new 'journey.' 

Senior citizens no longer want to sit on rocking chairs or stare at traffic go by from their balconies. In the age of technology and the e-world they are as connected to the new trends and want to get on to the express way and make it their new way of life.

These groups of Active Silvers are adventurous and open to explore new and exotic destinations and engage in varied experiences that would be thrilling and fulfilling.

Over the recent years, the travel trend graph has shown a huge rise  in the number of seniors  vacationing overseas.  They have now become the new globetrotters eager to see the world. According to TripAdvisor' study, as many as 44 percent of travellers from India increased their travel spends in 2016. In many cases, Indians working abroad are sponsoring their elderly parents' trips.

Pilgrimage tours or hosting grandkids are a thing of the past. Today senior citizens, especially the young at heart want to explore and experience a different world least mindful of the costs.

According to recent findings, international trips taken by Indians aged more than 65 years is likely to touch 9,67,000 in 2025 from 3,33,000 in 2015 — a surge of 193%. The trend of seniors going on leisure trips, which has been a common feature among westerners for a long time, is now also gaining popularity among elderly Indians.

Thanks to hotels  and tour operators  who have designed special packages that cater to the  needs of the senior citizens by including customized meals, on-trip medical assistance and elder-friendly accommodations.

At Mahindra Holidays, we have curated a special product, Bliss, to cater to the unique needs of senior citizens and provide them with a safe and trusted hospitality partner. This recently launched, 10-year membership product assists senior citizens with special services such as dedicated helpdesk, concierge, holiday booking, airport transfers, etc.