Monday, 24 July 2017

District Forest Officer and Girl's Rise for Mohali Association Planted Trees

By 121 News

Chandigarh 24th July:- Girls' Rise for Mohali, working for women's rights, joined the district forest department and planted trees in Government Senior Secondary School, Phase XI.

Speaking on the occasion, President of the Organization Opinder Preet Kaur said that environmental management is our primary responsibility, so every person should have at least one tree in his life. Being blind in the race to make money, human cutting trees; it is not far away when our earth becomes a gas chamber and we need to buy pure air for breathing. District Forest Officer Guraman Preet Singh said that the government is very concerned about the environment, so the Forest Department is providing free saplings to the ecosystem organizations and supporting to bring more greenery. He apprised the school students about the different types of trees and gave directive how to look after them.

The Principal of the school, Sukhpal Kaur, said that it is important to plant a tree but the more important is to take care of them. She is feeling proud that his school has been selected for this noble cause. Now it is her responsibility to take care of the plants. On this occasion, members of the Organization and school staff were also present.