Saturday, 15 July 2017

Abhinet's ' Festival of Plays- Stories On Stage' Tragic Trilogy and' Sorse Mach'

By 121 News

Chandigarh 15th July:- To celebrate 43 fulfilling years of its existence, the oldest theatre group of Chandigarh, Abhinet is coming up with one-day theatre festival, ' Festival-of  Plays- Stories On Stage'.-Tragic Trilogy and' Sorse Mach' ( in Hindi) in association with Department of Cultural Affairs, Chandigarh Administration.

The plays are based on stories written by two Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi award winner writers, Dr Kailash Ahluwalia & Vijay Kapoor. All four plays are dramatized, designed and directed by poet, story writer, playwright, actor and critic, Vijay Kapoor. The festival is slated to be presented on 15th of July, from 6.15 pm to 8.30pm at Tagore Theatre.

The first play 'PANKHON WALI CHENTIYAN' is based on a story written by Dr, Kailash Ahluwalia is a wonderful synchronization between the past and present. It wrenches on the heart when things change. The play begins with introducing the present situation, but eventually, the audiences travel to the flashback of the old memories engulfed in loss of love.

'VISTHAPIT is another short play based on a story written by Vijay Kapoor, revolves around nostalgia that burns.  It takes you through the plight of oustees and their resettlement which is a painful journey spread between 1947 and 2017 and the resettlement is still awaited.

'PANI HI PANI' based on Dr Kailash Ahluwalia's story, is the 3rd play of nostalgic trilogy. The plot is an emotional situation that leads memories of loved ones, who are no more. It takes you through the nostalgia of the people and places that once brought happiness. 

Among the intense performances, there will be a comic relief through a play called 'SORSE MACHH" based on a story written by Vijay Kapoor. The plot takes you through a very interesting comic interaction between a customer and a Bank officer who eventually fall in love by the end of the day. 

Each of the artists have deep passion for theatre and belong to different fields including, Administration, Literature, Engineering and Astrology.

Amit Talwar is Director Transport in CTU, while Vimmi Bhullar is Additional Secretary in Government of Punjab . Gaurav Ahuja is Software Engineer.  Babita Kapoor is a renowned poet and Dr. Meena Sharma is an astrologer who will be enacting various roles, during this play.