Saturday, 13 May 2017

City Writer Launches "ZEUS AND THE OLD FORT" Novel

By 121 News

Chandigarh 13th May:- ZEUS AND THE OLD FORT isn't only Diamond's  but world's first  collection of multi-mythological fiction that serves as a revelation of adversities mankind faced when cruelty and brutality of Evil Lords broke on the world and all hopes were died. Then a knight named Zeus was born on earth who himself was traumatized by nightmares and was sure may die anytime. He believed this until his recent discovery, he is a prophecy knight of an epic battle and born again only to serve death to Evil Lords and reincarnate Holy Lords. Parvesh Chandel was chief guest (Bestselling Author).  Aman Ahuja was special guest (Founder of Ashray N.G.O)  

The Author Diamond has compiled a great work and has surely reaped good fruits as the pages reveal to us. On reading out one can make out the esteemed efforts and heart throbbing mysteries Author used in the book. Being a new beginner, he has grabbed the hearts of the present youth or old who suffer from boredom of reading love stories. Keeping fingers crossed, this will indeed bring out some innovation in young writing spirits.

ZEUS and THE OLD FORT  is full of drama ,etymology, controversies.

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