Thursday, 9 March 2017

YARO ka Tashan: Friends Colony All Set to Shake Leg

By 121 News

Chandigarh 09th March:- After successfully destroying Mr. X, there is a new twist in YARO's. Sanjana, a new girl from the neighborhood enters Friends Colony only to turn YARO's life upside down. YARO instantly fall in love with her. To impress Sanjana, YARO is trying every possible way.

In the upcoming track, a competition called 'Mumbai's Got Talent' is announced with a whooper grand prize of 50 lakhs to the winner. Everyone in Friends colony gets excited to participate in this competition. YARO (Aniruddh Dave) who's first impression on Sanjana (Shubhi Ahuja) was not really good decides to take part with Sanjana so that he can impress her. To help YARO, Dolly promises him that she will convince Sanjana to be his partner. However, seeing this as a medium to earn money Amar, Prem and Dolly together start practicing day-in and day-out for the competition. Jumping on the opportunity, even Chaturvedi (Umesh Bajpayee) asks Beena Agarwal (Malini Kapoor) to join him in singing and dancing category. Beena agrees to participate with Chaturvedi which makes Agarwal (Rakesh Bedi) jealous. This competition has got a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for Friends Society members. Everyone is gearing up for this thrilling competition.

Commenting on the track, Aniruddh Dave who plays YARO said that this track is full of excitement where YARO will try hard to impress Sanjana. He thinks, the only way to win her heart is to participate and win the competition. He is experiencing love for the first time. The track is very romantic as well as competitive. It will be a treat for the audiences.