Thursday, 9 June 2016

Zee TV’s Jamai Raja Completes 500 Episodes

By 121 News

Chandigarh 09th June:- Soon after its launch in July 2014, Zee TV's popular primetime drama Jamai Raja took the nation by storm with its progressive depiction of an unique aspect of the saas-jamai relationship. Defying television stereotypes that makes it a woman's prerogative to keep families together, Sid Khurana (Ravi Dubey) took on the responsibility of mending a troubled relationship between his strong, fiercely independent mother-in-law Durga Devi aka DD (played by Achint Kaur) and wife Roshni (Nia Sharma). With an intriguing plot and well-defined characters played convincingly by talented actors, the show has been a consistent slot leader and recently completed a successful run of 500 episodes. This called for a big celebration on the sets where everyone from the cast and crew got together for a cake-cutting!

Jamai Raja has now successfully progressed to an even more interesting turn of events after a two year leap. With Roshni holding Sid responsible for her mother's death, the lovers are seen to have drifted apart. Viewers are up for yet another surprising twist with Roshni's engagement to colleague Neil (Played by Indraneil Sengupta). Sid makes every effort to let Roshni know that he still feels strongly for her and wants to win her trust back. On the other hand, Neil who is oblivious to the background of Sid-Roshni's tumultuous relationship, slowly and steadily starts developing feelings for Roshni. Will Roshni forgive Sid ever and give in to his attempts at re-kindling their love? Or will she get married to Neil closing the chapter with Sid once and for all? All these questions will lead to unimaginable twists & turns in the lives of Jamai Raja's protagonists and will surely keep the audience on the edge of their seats!

Ravi Dubey said that it is a big milestone for all of us and it would not have been possible without the relentless love and support from our audiences who have been an integral part of Jamai Raja's journey. He hopes that there are at least 500 more episodes to go. The success of this show has reinforced him belief that when you have well-defined characters and a strong script that breaks stereotypes, it is bound to create magic with viewers. The upcoming track has plenty of unexpected developments for the viewers, taking the entertainment quotient several notches higher.

Nia Sharma added that it feels awesome that Jamai Raja has completed 500 episodes. The pairing of Sid & Roshni has been a huge hit with audiences. This beautiful journey has given me a lot of special moments and has challenged her making her a better-rounded, versatile actor. Right from the range in her character and her look, she has got umpteen opportunities to experiment in the show. For her current glamorous look, she has received such overwhelming response from her fans.  She would like to say that she feel blessed as none of this would have been possible without our creative team, they push the envelope all the time and extract only the best from us. Her heartfelt thanks to all our fans as well, as it is their support that keeps us going. There is lot more drama in store, especially with the changing dynamics between Sid, Roshni & Neil as the story progresses.

Indraneil who has joined the Jamai Raja family recently said that even though it's been only a month that he had been associated with the show, it already feels like home. It feels great to be a part of a show that enjoys such an immense fan following. He hopes the show completes the milestone of another 500 episodes with him. The story has shot forward with a 2 year leap and the transition has been well received by the audience and he had received a great response for the show till now. We are sure that Jamai Raja will keep raising the bar and continue to provide audiences more drama and excitement as the story progresses.