Friday, 24 June 2016

Visionary Leaders Imperative toManufacturing Competitiveness to advance ‘Make In India’:CII

By 121 News

Chandigarh 24th June:- CII – Avantha Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness in addition to providing specialised services for manufacturing excellence of Indian Industry has taken a new initiative to provide a platform for industry to meet and interact with world renowned professionals and experts on manufacturing and break through strategies.

In first of the series a session on Remedies & Future Directions for Indian Manufacturing with Padma Shri awardee, Professor Shoji Shiba a world renowned transformational manufacturing Guruwas held at CII, Chandigarh toady. Over 150 industry members from across the region attended the session with Prof. Shiba organised by CII-Avantha Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness.

Prof. Shoji Shiba,a globally acclaimed authority on Breakthrough Management during the session gave five key mantras for sustainable development of Indian industry and its manufacturing sector to the next level.

Acting on the mandate from the then President Abdul Kalam, Prof. Shiba envisioned the scaling up of Indian Industry across India by pitching breakthrough transformation in the manufacturing sector.

He also said that business and society are interlinked. An unsolved problem of the society is a future business opportunity and leveraging this concept will form the future market in India. Many of these unsolved problems are at the latent level which is not often expressed properly. If a business attempts to solve these problems it will be laying a foundation for creating growth.

Prof. Shiba said that in past 12 years, Indian manufacturing has changed drastically." With the 'Make In India' campaign trying to drive innovation and quality the Indian manufacturing is ready to take the challenge of being a global supplier.

R M Khanna, Past Chairman, CII Northern Region, said that CII believes that 'Make In India' mission will go a long way in positioning the country prominently on the global manufacturing map and facilitating the inflow of new technology and investments which will  result in creating significant job opportunities and giving a boost to the economic growth.

Pikender Pal Singh, Senior Director & Head, CII-Avantha Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness for SMEs  said that India's target of raising the contribution of manufacturing sector from 15% to 25% of GDP can only be achieved if we adopt automation, innovation, enable R&D linkages, enhance productivity, reduce costs, develop skilled labour and raise quality standards. The session deliberated on many such strategies.

Rajesh Saboo, Vice Chairman, CII Himachal Pradesh Council also spoke on the occasion and said that there is a need to implement innovative solutions for enhancing competitiveness. Industry is going back with a greater knowledge that will help us streamline processes and strengthen our brand globally.