Friday, 10 June 2016

Electricity Employees Hold Protest Dharna & Demonstration

By 121 News

Chandigarh 10th June:- The Electricity Employees of Chandigarh under the banner of U.T. Powermen Union Chandigarh today held 17th protest Dharna & demonstration before electricity office Sector 17, Chandigarh in series of regular protest. The Dharna was held in support of long pending genuine demands of Electricity Employees & also against the negative and adamant attitude of the authorities towards the genuine demands. The demands include restoration of already granted electricity concession to the employees which is being stopped unilaterally by S.E. Electricity. Filling up  the 700 vacant posts lying vacant in the department since long, removal of pay anomalies of the employees by stepping up the pay of seniors with their juniors, offer of appointment to the next kin of deceased employees by scrapping 5% ceiling. Providing fault locating van, boom ladders, cable joints, meters, fuse wire & other material in the store and provide T&P & Safety Devices to the workmen, drinking water facility and sitting arrangements in offices, complaint centers and Grid Sub Stations, stoppage of increasing accidents besides implementation of other demands.

The Dharna & demonstration was addressed by Gopal Datt Joshi, General Secretary Federation & Union, Satpal President, Vijay Singh Senior Vice President, Desh Raj Vice President, Amrik Singh, Pardeep Sharma Darshan Singh, Rajpal, Balbir Chand, Ranjit Singh, Surinder Goyal & Kashmir Singh, Narinder Kumar, Paramjit Singh, Pan Singh  & other leaders of the Union besides Raghbir Chand President Federation, Rajinder Katoch (Water Supply) & Harkesh Chand, Horticulture & Bish Ram (Roads)  besides other leaders or sister organizations. 

While addressing the dharna the speakers strongly criticized the authorities of the department for the negative and adamant attitude towards the long pending demands and blamed that due to negative attitude of the officers the position of the department become bad to worst. They said that the work load is increasing day by day but the manpower is reducing as compression to work load. But the officers instead of taking efforts to fill up the vacant posts, providing materials and safety devices to the workmen are wasting their time in controversies and further blamed that instead of implementing of the demands they are trying to already granted benefits of the employees such as withdrawal of electricity concession etc. and by doing so the officers are giving fuel to fire which is not acceptable. The leaders blamed the authorities of the department are fully responsible for increasing accidents in the department and said that the safety devices and tools are not being provided, boom ladders are not being given to the Complaint Centers and lower cadre workers are being got victim and demanded lodging criminal cases against the officers concerned who are compelling the employees to do the work which is not assigned to them more so the field staff is being compelled to work in offices and work load of these are also mount on field staff, resultantly, the accidents occurred.

The speakers while strongly condemned the attitude of the authority for their complete failure to fill up the posts and providing safety devices to the workmen announce work to rule with immediate effect and decided if the workers will be compelled to do the job other them their assigned duty. The union will lodged criminal cases against the officers concerned and further warned that if the electricity concession restore immediately and others demands of the employees will not be resolve immediately the call of work to rule will be continue and employees will observe complete strike on 16 June 2016. The authorities particularly the Chief Engineer & Superintending Engineer (Electy.) will fully responsible for any in convenience to the public due to strike as they are sitting tight over the genuine issues of the employees.