Monday, 13 June 2016

District Legal Services Authority Observes World Day against Child Labour at Snehalaya

By 121 News

Chandigarh 13th June:- District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) in collaboration with Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child (CCPCR) observed the World Day against Child Labour at Snehalaya, Maloya. Balbir Singh, District and Sessions Judge cum Chairman, DLSA was the Chief Guest for the occasion and Amarinder Sharma, Chief Judicial Magistrate cum Secretary, District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) was the Guest of Honor.

While addressing the participants, Balbir Singh District and Sessions Judge cum Chairman, DLSA highlighted the importance of education for the progress of India. It is important to take preventive measures and follow the law which is being enacted. It is important that we are committed to social development which requires a changed mindset towards marginalized and exploited children. The District and Session Judge designated the participants from the Market Association as the brand ambassadors for this campaign and said that children belong to the society rather than individuals and therefore it should be our joint responsibility to take care of them.

The Learned District and Sessions Judge and Chairman, DLSA also released a sticker and poster titled "Say No to Child Labour" on behalf of DLSA and CCPCRwhich will be put up in every shop of the city by the Market Associations.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Devi Sirohi, Chairperson, CCPCR said that according to census reports, India has the largest number of children being engaged as Child Labor. Children were being engaged in occupations like Cotton seed plantation, Zari business, diamond cutting, mining, factories, dhabas, and restaurants instead of acquiring education. This is a contradiction to the RTE which provides for free and compulsory education to all children up to the age of 14. Even in Chandigarh children were being engaged specially in, restaurants and industries. She invoked the business community to shoulder the social responsibility and eradicate Child Labour which would help in the holistic growth of the city and country.

Amarinder Sharma, Secretary Cum CJM, DLSA spoke on the new labour laws which were being drafted for children below the age of 14 who could not be employed except in family business and entertainment with pre-conditions. He said that we should work for a brighter future and progressive Indian society.